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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Just read all the new liner notes, I don’t think Mutya showed up for the briefing session, probably just Snapchatting a couple of quotes for them! So lovely to hear the exact story of how they formed, and I especially liked reading Siobhan’s thank yous.

    Sadly Little Lady Love has been mistitled on the CD artwork too, but it just adds a little quirk to the mix I guess.

    Having given all the tracks a couple of spins I’ve got to say the surprise gem is the original version of Little Lady Love, it smacks so hard and sounds so fresh! The alt mix of Soul Sound also completely unexpected - I wonder if this was in fact the original version that got changed to become the album/single version? Also just read in the liner notes that Just Let It Go was lined up for a single, hence the 2021 mix.
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  2. kal


    iTunes credits for both tracks are identical.

    Charlotte Edwards, Edwards, Harley, Ron Tom & Sam Harley
  3. [​IMG]
    Very surprised at that. I think a reworked Promises would have worked better. Didn't they want One Foot In instead of Soul Sound?

    Hearing the new tracks really completes the 1.0 initial era story. One Touch was distinct but the other tracks show where they might have gone had they continued at that time. Intriguing stuff.
  4. My Amazon 3 disc edition just arrived! So glad it actually came today
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  5. I uploaded the Zoe Ball radio interview for those wondering / can’t get access to it.

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  6. kal


    @topopMAC1 I got a response from support, which essentially boils down to empty apologies, and the only reason given is "no stock availability" without any possibility to elaborate. Let me know if you get any more info.
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  7. My bundle came and all really well done. Picture of the tri colour vinyl. It's fine but what plays on it is all that matters. Sunday morning listening for sure!

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  8. The Radio 2 interview was very cute. Siobhan is very well spoken.
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  9. Honey, don’t remind me of this mess of a country. Hope yours is dispatched soon!

    I haven’t listened to any of the additional material other than the released remixes so far so I can’t wait to explore it all.
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  10. Give us a cheeky review of the new songs, friend! if you have something to actually play it on.

    I’m not cancelling or anything but this combo… doesn’t work together dd.
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  11. I've bought so much of this that I don't know what I've bought. Is the 3-disc edition on Amazon different to the discs I've bought from their store? I bought the vinyl, CD, cassette, and Overload single.
  12. Yep, it’s different!

    The third disc on Amazon is the “Amazon exclusive” and you can’t get it elsewhere

    1. "The Other Side" (Demo)
    2. "All Around the World" (Demo)
    3. "One Touch" (Alternative Mix)
    4. "One Foot In" (Alternative Mix)
    5. "Sugababes on the Run" (Alternative Mix)
    6. "Soul Sound" (Medway City Heights Edit)
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  13. Ah, well I need to get it then.
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  14. I know but heyho not the end of the world! Cannot wait to play it.
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  15. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the old Nokia SMS tones and Ericsson ringtones in Girls’ Nite Out. 90/00s LIFE.
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  16. I just want to say that they look like the best pop group in the world here.
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  17. They’re absolutely glowing and I want new music even more now. Hopefully this reissue goes beyond what they themselves expected so that we may get a brand new album in 2022. Manifesting it because it’s been way too long without a Sugababes album, let alone one with Mutya Keisha Siobhan.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Real Thing Alternative Mix is so smooth and very All Saints-y!
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  19. Sometimes is such a brilliant chill bop. I can't stop going back to it!
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  20. ADM


    This is what they were shooting! It’s great to see new photos but this is kind of disappointing, finally the three are together and it looks like they’ve been comped into one photo from three separate shoots.
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