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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Wow!!!!! You are in for a TREAT!
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  2. If the signed single pops out on eBay or somewhere, let me know, sisters!

    I'm poor but now I can use the little credit I have from my credit card...
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  3. Oh cute they’ve read this thread

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  4. The packaging is so fucking lush life
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  5. It will almost definitely only be exclusive for a limited period, I'd wager 12 months.
  6. kal


    @Creguk I was wrong to drag you. You were right all along. I’m sorry.
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  7. Flop fan alert: who are Whitney & Matt in Mutya and Keisha's thank-yous?
  8. If anybody doesn’t want to keep their Overload bonus single, keep me in mind. I held off pre-ordering and bought the Amazon edition and gold vinyl as I’d figured it would probably be a 1 track pressing.
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  9. I need to finally sit down and listen to all new tracks and new versions. Its such a nice idea to celebrate their annivesary. If only we could get such collection for each album.
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    Their managers.
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  11. I received my vinyl, but the CD single was missing from the package, sigh. The CD single is the main reason why I ordered it from the official store.

    I got in touch with the store, and they responded quickly to say “they’ve requested a replacement and will send as soon as possible”, so… fingers crossed.
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  12. Don't you think that Flatine make even more sense as their comeback single now?
  13. Townsend are delivering mine tomorrow so I guess I’m going nowhere tomorrow.
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  14. Soul Sound (alternative version) is giving me mad Siobhan Donaghy ‘Instances’ vibes, even some of Siobhan’s adlibs sound like they’ve come straight from ‘Instances’. Although it’s no surprise seeing as Cameron McVey was behind the production of both tracks.
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  15. Hang on, has Siobhan got two kids now then???
  16. Yes, Ford and Vivienne. Unless Vivienne is a dog, of course x
  17. I played around a bit with the new picture and the anniversary cover:

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  18. ‘All around the world’ delivers! Was this previously leaked or anything? Never heard it before
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  19. This is such a generous and whelming edition of this amazing album.

    I think "This Is What You Need" is my favourite out of the previously unheard songs, it's quite boppy and I dig the electronic elements. "Girls' Nite Out" is giving me "Groove Is Going On" with the laid back vibes and adorable lyrics, but it will have to grow on me.
    Very likely the most un-Sugababes songs for this era, "Always Be the One" is an extremely basic type of 90's R&B ballad that would've been dated on any post-2000 release, but they sound so cute and ultimately make it more likeable. I love the middle-8, especially how Mutya sounds on it.

    The production is also pretty damn good for these demos. And I enjoy all the alternate versions, too - "Just Let It Go" and "Real Thing" in particular.
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