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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. It makes me so happy whenever I see Keisha getting the appreciation she deserves.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That made me smile. Keisha deserves the world.
  3. I felt emotional in all the good ways watching that.
  4. I felt taller in more ways.
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  5. Top 20 is a great result but they could so easily have been top 10 if they did some of the tactics that other labels are doing. Like announce some in-store performances and make ticket bundles with the album and sure you can get a few more thousand sales.
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  6. There is always so much more the girls can do. I suppose they put the effort in for the fans, with Insta updates.

    This doesn’t seem driven by PR, more girls themselves. A couple of magazines and one radio channel was never going to end up setting the album charts alight.

    I really do hope this shows the girls we are here for new music and gives them a push to put out some new music.
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  7. I would have been over the moon if One Touch stayed in the top 10. It just deserves to be there in so many ways.
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  8. It just struck me how monumental this is for Keisha. She was effectively fired just when they were about to release their 7th album and now, not only is she back in the band, but gets to see the debut album chart in the best placing it has ever been - alongside her original bandmates.

    Truly has been the most unusual rollercoaster ride.
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  10. Not so essential after all then.
  11. My packages from the official store and amazon finally arrived. It wasn't a secret to me anymore but the quality of the Vinyl really is beyond everything I hoped for. I love the contrast between the matte, black border and glossy photo (I'm so glad they stuck with the original image because it really is timeless and by itself a incredible piece of art). The details, like framing the barcode on the back with a small golden border, or the perfect colour combinations are proof that this was designed with much love and thought. If someone had said a year ago that we'd get a high quality release like this, I would not have believed it. As someone perfectly stated before:
    We all are. I honestly can't think of a single thing they could have done better. To me this is their best release to date and I still can't quite believe that this actually happened.

    I'm so relieved that you're all happy with the chart position. I have no clue about these things, so I got a bit worried. I hope the girls and their team are happy about it too and that they feel the interest that is here for them. Honestly, if they'd release a new album with just as much care, I'm not sure if I'd be able to cope.

    They didn't need to slap this hard. I've been bopping to this all morning.

    I scanned it but the result wasn't great, so I "rebuild" it. Hope this is what you thought of!

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  13. If the second word she sings doesn’t start with “sl—“ then I do not have ears!
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  15. ADM


    Girls I’m sorry I hate the tri-color vinyl.

    (But everything else is stunning and I’m about to order the Amazon CD for me caaa)
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  17. I’m so pleased for them, and us. It’s still a stunning album and still encapsulates the raw, teen angst of the time quite well. For it to have outperformed it’s original peak without any promotion is an achievement. They delivered an incredible anniversary edition that many fandoms would salivate over. If that wasn’t enough, they firmly cemented the return of the original Sugababes in name and form. They gay gods have been good to us this year.
  18. True credibility!
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