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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I think it's perfect. Isn't it?
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  2. It’s so much better than the regular Capoeira remix.
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  3. I thought Mutya had forgotten what she actually sang on that line.

    I’ve always thought it was “I’ll sleep with them in bed”!
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  4. I was so excited for the two t-shirts that came with the bundle and I tried them on today...they're very much for people who are tall and slim, aren't they? I ordered large and they're like dresses on me but also tight as heck! So gutted.
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  5. I can’t believe how stunning they look?

    Why am I such a granny and they remain AGELESS?
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  6. They really are 3 beautiful and elegant ladies. Not to mention talented too.
  7. So I had long dismissed this album, after not clicking with the singles bar Run for Cover (it took me a while to get Overload), but after sitting with this remaster for a week I can say Soul Sound and New Year are probably my least favorite? It feels like they had so many better options for singles.
  8. wtf
  9. After many plays of this over the past week, Mutya’s bridge/middle 8 in Real Thing is now possibly my favourite vocal moment on the whole album.
    It sounds particularly amazing on the alternative version.
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  10. I love the album now, isn’t that all that matters? Ddd

    Flashbacks to @beyoncésweave asking me to reassess my scores in the rate

  11. You certainly aren't the first to question the album's singles run. I think most fans view Soul Sound as a bad single choice, especially as it was supposedly a make-or-break single. And while New Year is very popular as a song, releasing a psuedo-Christmas song as your second ever single was a bizarre move. Couple that with the odd timing of the release of the album (a couple months after the first single but a few weeks before the second, in super busy December) and they really didn't stand much chance.

    I'll give London credit for going with the somewhat out-there Overload as first single and getting the album tracklist right, but a lot of their decisions were awful. I think the One Touch era easily had the potential to be much bigger with different singles and timing.
  12. The singles were the right ones.
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  13. I think One Foot In, Same Old Story or Promises would all have outperformed Soul Sound. One Foot In especially sounds like the easy hit they let slip by, particularly if they used the alternate mix (which sure sounds like a single remix to me).
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  14. Overload followed by Run For Cover then album release followed by Promises or One Foot In and close the campaign with New Year sounds like a better plan to me but thats all subjective...
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  15. New Year was a great holiday / post crimbo blues song you all just let the chart position fill you with what ifs.
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  16. I feel back in 2000 we were still in the era of big pop groups feeling like they needed to release a ballad at Christmas. So I do think New Year made sense at the time.

    I agree Soul Sound made no sense as a single. Promises would’ve been ace.

    I think the whole era was a bit too alternative pop to ever be number 1’s like their next few singles/albums, but that is why I love it.
  17. kal


    Same Old Story would have made such a fire single.
  18. But I'm not talking about the quality of the song, I'm talking about its commercial success. Even judging it as a Christmas song, I never see it on Christmas compilations or playlists, or hear it in the shops or on ads, so it didn't even pay off there.
  19. Personally, New Year is as much of a Christmas song as Move by Little Mix is.
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  20. I love that the Sugababes released a Christmas single about being dumped over the festive period and feeling miserable. That's my kind of pop group.
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