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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. New Year is an excellent Christmas hangover song.
  2. I agree that they always had the wrong singles for this album. Too many slow tempo songs and not enough uptempo songs. The teen market at that time were loving the uptempo stuff and needed bops. The album had massive potential to go further.

    I would have gone with:

    1- overload
    2 - run for cover
    3 - new uptempo song and New Year (Double A Side)
    4- promises (alternative edition for radio)

    and 5th single would be a totally brand new pop banger that would be on the deluxe version.
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  3. New Year is incredible. I experienced my first ciggy heartbreak that exact period and it always spoke to me.

    Now look at us today, we blew it away.
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  4. Sugababes often had questionable second single choices. While New Year, Ugly, Change and No Can Do are all great 10/10 songs and i love them a lot they dont feel like the second most powerful songs on their respective albums. Round Round, Too Lost In You and About A Girl were the right choices though.
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  5. But the 'teen market' that week were loving ballads or slow songs by S Club, Leann Rimes, Eminem, Craig David, Westlife, Wyclef and Ronan. The tempo wasn't the issue. When New Year entered at 12 there were three novelty hits above them (Bob The Builder, Baha Men, Tweenies) it did fine considering.
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  6. But that's what I mean by bad timing too. Releasing your second ever single in the most competitive week of the year was madness. It's a bit early to risk getting lost in the shuffle, especially with that single being meant to carry an album that came out a few weeks before. It would have made more sense in 2001 (assuming Siobhán hadn't left, which they wouldn't have been planning for.)
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  7. I just feel, while the songs are great and I love them so much, there were much better options personally. They needed a song to stand out like Overload.
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  9. The second single should've been Little Lady Love xo
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  10. I think they should‘ve released Look At Me after Overload, they used to perform it a lot and the song seems to have a special meaning since it was one of the very first they wrote but I guess they had not much say and London opted for New Year instead.

    Also skip Soul Sound for Promises!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm probably alone in this, but for me, Just Let it Go would've made a great single.
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  12. I feel like they should've gone with more of an uptempo song as a single instead of "Soul Sound", which I find rather plodding. I mean, "One Foot In", "Same Old Story", "Real Thing" and "Promises" were right there.
    If they wanted a slow song, "Just Let It Go" would've been a perfect choice (which I think was originally the plan, now that we have the 2001 version of it).
  13. In the end, while I agree there were other options to get hits, I get why they went with the ones they did: They had the hit debut with Overload, the alternative Christmas single to set them apart, the hit ballad, and the radio-friendly mid-tempo. They really showcased their variety in sounds.
  14. Sometimes labels get it so right, and or get it quite wrong. I wish sometimes there were was a vote by a small bunch of fans who aid in the selection of singles.

    It’s safe to say that the majority, including the girls, agree that Promises should have been a single. As well as more uptempo choices.
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  15. I have to agree with @Vasilios.
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  16. I don't think it'd have been quite the same had it not been those four very different singles.

    One Foot In, One Touch, Real Thing, Promises could all have been singles, there's no question about it but I actually like that they're not defined by a chart position and sales because we all know how swiftly some will change their tune on something based on where it charts.
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  17. Essential Sugababes entered the chart at #107, with 1,181 sales.

    One Touch's total sales are 229,552!

    One Touch: 3,518 sales at #18 =
    1,595 Vinyl
    1,336 CDs
    306 Cassettes
    92 Streaming
  18. So streaming still is a challenge, which I hope can be worked on for their next album.

    On another note, great figures for a reissue. Glad the label is happy.
  19. kal


  20. ...92 streaming is...WTF?
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