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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. but they did:

    I’d rather “Freak Like Me”, “Stronger” and “Hole In The Head” be the non-1.0 staples of their set to be honest.
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  2. I'm really impressed that they've managed to stick in the top 20!

    They were #6 overall back in 2010, second only to Madonna among the female acts.

  3. Yeah, 92 album-equivalent streams means over 92,000 individual track streams, which is incredible to me for a 20-year-old album.
  4. GCZ


    Didn’t Siobhan perform the first verse of Push The Button at one show?
  5. I’ve not seen this already posted (sorry if it’s has been) but someone has isolated the Four Tet remix of Overload from their Lost Village set… I need a digital release/12" white label!!
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  6. I have listened to this album so much in the past week. I discovered Sugababes I think during the Taller In More Ways (before Amelle) campaign and always kind of neglected this CD but it is so good. The alternative mixes are great and give a fresh spin on these tracks.

    it’ll be funny to see so many of these 20 year old songs on my Spotify year end list.
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  7. A 20-year-old album that was basically forgotten also and never a massive seller in the first place. Sure it sounds poor but all things considered what did people expect? I have to admit I only made it through three complete listens since it's two and a half years old and much was known before.
  8. I’ve never understood the Soul Sound hate. It’s one of my favourite Sugababes tracks ever. It’s such a glorious song.
  9. The numbers don't look impressive but without making any excuses but more like an explanation - Sugababes were huge (not only) in Europe and many, many of the copies were shipped outside the UK, as @kal mentioned. That''s quite an exception for an UK act of "their" time and I think even this thread and its posters (or that tragic Facebook group) confirm that.
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  10. It’s unfairly trashed but was my second favorite 1.0 single when I discovered them.
  11. I am finally listening to my 3-Disc set and loving every second of it. The Alternative Mix of Sugababes on the Run? Phew.

    As someone who has never been a huge fan of Soul Sound, the Medway City Heights Edit is absolutely snatching me right now.
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  12. I remember really not enjoying Soul Sound until way after it was released. Now it is a firm favourite.
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  13. I don't mind Soul Sound at all, doesn't exactly scream single, but still a very solid track in it's own right.
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  14. The only thing I’ll fault “Soul Sound” as a single was that it didn’t have any b-sides. The demos they chose between Disc 2 and the Amazon Bonus proves they had enough quality material left off that could’ve been used.
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  15. Amazing how many positive comments this has for a Guardian comments on a girlband song! Obviously the tone is giving 'pop music then was good and now it's bad' in quite a few cases but still... amazing how this track got the purists bopping. A great read too.
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  16. International sales don't count for the UK charts? I mean, the items are sent from the UK...

    I could purchase the 3CD edition from, but it isn't available from (Spain).
  17. I say they have a lot of work to do in building up their fan base being gone for too many years. I would say there’s easily just about 500 die hard fans or less, and they all bought multiple copies of One Touch (in all the fans did a great job in pushing One Touch in the top 20). I’m sure new music in time will start building and winning new fans.

    ‘That tragic Facebook group’ should be changed to “two female toxic admins called Kirsty and Sarah” who sadly let the group down with their bullying, manipulative, and immature toxic behavior. Aside from them two, a lot of the fans there are really lovely and had a massive part in getting the album to chart top 20.

    The numbers may not be great, but I think the outcome on small numbers was quite good.
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