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Sugababes - One Touch (20th Anniversary Edition) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Guys, does anyone have recorded the Only You “reworked” clip Keisha (or was it Biffco?) played on Instagram Stories? It was different from the leaked version. Edit: It’s not recent dd.
  2. Which Atomic Kitten stan made that! It certainly does not Feels So Good dddd.
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  3. Just noticed how much I’ve been listening to Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix)… the top 5 tracks I’ve been listening to from the Anniversary album:

    My Top 5 (in order)
    1. Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix)
    2. Run for Cover (MNEK Remix)
    3. Promises (Acoustic Mix)
    4. Just Let it ago (2001 Version)
    5. Look at Me (Alternative Mix)

    What’s everyone listening to?
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  4. I received my tricolour vinyl yesterday. This is how you do an anniversary vinyl reissue! Sounds great and looks great. I love the print and the vinyl itself looks better than I expected after the pics that were posted.

    Soul Sound sounds glorious on vinyl.
  5. Which version should I buy on vinyl? The gold or the tricolor one?
  6. The tricolor is the limited edition. Don’t know if that makes a difference for you.
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  7. There was an earlier post about the tricolour vinyl sounding much better, but I wouldn't know myself.
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  8. Love in Stereo really is THAT girl, isn't it.
  9. Mine is being held in customs. That's not very sugar like apple pie of them.
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  10. Such a moment Love in Stereo was. I love Bananarama, and it was a beautiful gesture that they covered it, but I don't feel they covered the essence and emotions of the song. Where as our girls just did it perfectly.
  11. My two favourites are Don't Wanna Wait (I don't have any of the original singles, so this was new to me) and the acoustic mix of Promises. The latter takes what was already one of my favourite Sugababes songs and maybe elevates it to my 11.

    Really, though, I love all of it. I was a bit wary of the remixes going in, since those can sometimes be a bit dodgy, but they're mostly great.

    Bring on expanded versions of the other albums!
  12. Haven’t heard this before?

  13. I don't recall hearing it before. Not one of the better leaked tracks though.
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  14. This album has so many fucking l a y e r s.
  15. Not really the best of leaks but it’s something nonetheless.

    Surely it’s time to leak Mutya’s Never Gonna Dance Again?
  16. kal


    OK but whoever is uploading these to YouTube is not doing the girls any favours.
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  17. I received my gold One Touch cassette today and it’s… the cutest thing ever, oops!
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  18. kal


    Out of all 4 cassettes, I like the pink one the most. Also, after I complained that the black & gold cassette doesn't have much gold on it, I noticed that the tape itself is gold, which is a lovely touch.
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  19. Is the “Promises” (Acoustic Mix) newly made to recreate the intro to the MKS shows or did it always exist and Mutya Keisha and Siobhan referenced it when they thought it made for a great opener?
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  20. kal


    The booklet says it's a previously unreleased mix from the One Touch sessions, so the latter.
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