Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe) + 9th Album

"Get Down" is credited to Mojam Music for production, with additional production by Craze & Hoax.

And if I shake and shatter/I hope that I won't break

I get what she was going for here but the lyric doesn't actually make sense.
How many people fold, people can be so cold

This is a bit "June/Moon" for me.

I agree with the general point, though, about "Too In Love." It's missed from the set. The opening lyric is the standout ("Not everything has altered/It's shades of grey"). Siobhan's lyrics have become more pared down as she has matured and they're all the more powerful for it. "I'm smiling around broken glass" ("I'm Alright") is another highlight.
I stopped checking for the leaks at one point because it felt like there was too much to keep up with. So before the Deluxe I'd not heard Back to Life, Breathe Me and Only You. I really love them though. I'd say that Only You is my favourite of them, but I think they're all great.

I get the criticisms of Back to Life and Breathe Me, but I enjoy an over the top ballad, so I'm here for it. But after hearing Only You I really wonder where it's been all my life. It really wouldn't have been out of place on the main album.

Also @Blayke after your listening party I now cannot unhear that misheard lyric in I Lay Down haha
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Wait why is the only version of 'Easy' on Spotify some sort of chill, easy listening, club house vibe version. I'm kinda bopping...
When the cover is Lewis Capaldi
I wouldn't be mad at either Before You Go or Someone You Loved, they would sound amazing on them. Or maybe even Lonely by Benny Blanco/Justin Bieber, imagine the harmonies!

Failing any of those, if they go for something recent I think Kill Bill by SZA has a good chance of being the one they choose.
I've listened to The Lost Tapes on repeat for the past few weeks. Today I listened to Mutya's solo album. After listening to that I really feel that Mutya is underused (is that a word?) on The Lost Tapes. I feel that Siobhan and Keisha strengths are more highlighted on the album. I really hope that for future projects Mutya will be more present in songwriting but also on choruses and epic middle 8's (not like the dull one on I'm Alright).
I'm still SO into this album, which is funny considering these songs have been on near constant rotation for around 6 years. The only thing I don't like is the No Regrets lyric throwing shade at Heidi, it seems so unnecessary.