Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

No regrets is incredible and it should be the next 'single' (not sure if it counts as single)/song that they promote after Today. Too Lost In You was great too. Flowers was better than the original...

Yes definitely re No Regrets being the next single/song they send to radio. And then Summer of 99 for, well, Summer.
That was magical to listen to live on the radio! One of those moments that I'll remember exactly where I was, much like when I had my first listen of Flatline's snippet. Well done ladies!

They're getting signed to the biggest deal ever after that, because they sound like the biggest group in the universe. They were so them. I haven't heard Miley's song, so it's practically a brand new Sugababes song for me, and I love it.
Another new photo from today


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I had submitted a question asking if they would ever do an Unplugged/Acoustic/Live album but unfortunately wasn't chosen, but hope these get a huge reaction and inspire that. "Too Lost In You" was what I was hoping for for the classic so I am SO happy we finally have a proper recording of a live version with Siobhan!!!