Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

During the interView with Ken, did I hear correctly that Keisha has moved back to London so will be more available to record new material?

Yes! Siobhan said Keisha is ‘back in London’, so hopefully that means many opportunities for them to work on new material!
Although there’s so many wonderful things happening with them right now that new material would just be an amazing added bonus
That's going to be my go-to version of Too Lost In You from now on, I think. Man, I want all their hits with Siobhan on them sooo bad. I actually do think a properly recorded and produced live album would be a cute idea.

Were there any interesting tidbits from the question/answer portion? I'm geoblocked.

Here's the official art in case anyone is going to be adding these performances to their libraries:

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I wasn't prepared to cry today, but "No Regrets" came in like an entire cinematic experience and oh the tears.

And this is somewhat selfish in my gratitude, but I am elated to continue to have more professionally recorded videos of them in the height of their powers. (It makes it so much easier to evangelize.)
If ever we needed reminding that they're powerhouse vocalists it was these performances. There isn't anyone who do it like they can.

No Regrets, in particular, sounds sublime. I really don't care for Flowers but they sound great on it and a wise choice considering how current it is.
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I don't know how but I'm sure they've fixed a flub Keisha made on the second chorus of Flowers. On the original radio broadcast I'm sure she missed the first word or two of the chorus as they were harmonising on the end of Siobhan's second bridge.
I caught it as well! Could well have been a mic/sound issue instead and they went back and mixed it back in?
I think besides "Sweet 7" this is the first album of their's I've listened to all the way through, more than once. It's quirkier and less immediate than I had imagined, and I'm not sure any of the lyrics really resonate with me, but I'm glad it exists and can't wait for more material from them.