Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Its weird how small changes can affect the way you enjoy some songs. I do like official version of Back In The Day but this version is way better in my eyes. Keisha's part post chorus is great and is superior to repeating 5x 'Back in the day'.

(Also this channel uploaded many MKS demos recently)

Thanks... I had the chance to listen to some demos I have never heard.
It must have been exhausting for them.... A 10 years wait before such a great piece of work had some recognition. Maybe I am just old but I am baffled by how well these songs have aged.
I politely disagree.

A documentary selling point to the general TV audience would be the lineup changes and the drama.

They're trying to re-establish themselves as a credible band, it wouldn't make sense at this juncture.

I agree. I wasn't suggesting we need one now. Just one at some point. There's so much of their history to cover it would fascinating to watch and hear them talk about .
Personally I'd find a documentary about the making of The Lost Tapes or their new album much more fascinating.
Yes! Tell us about The Lost Years.

Narrative-wise, the first act is certainly their reformation (the inciting incident being the moment they actually decided to give it a go).
The first portion of Act 2 (where the premise is actually explored), is recording new material, working with a new record deal, filming Flatline’s video and their performances. The conflict being the changing music industry (they returned in a major transitional period), Flatline not taking off (despite it deserving to and them trying everything) and their inability to acquire the Sugababes name legally.
The Midpoint is a moment (or series of moments) where they decided to take a break. Siobhan recently said that they each had moments where they thought about giving up. It’s probably their material leaking, making them feel totally defeated.
It’s classic Act 2 premise, so there’s almost certainly a great narrative thread in their MKS story. But beyond that, I don’t think we know enough to know where that story ends.

The second part of Act 2 is their lowest point, which I would imagine was post-leak around the middle of the decade? The break into the third act is their re-acquisition of the name. I think we’re living through the third act at the moment.

I would’ve speculated that the story climaxed at Glastonbury, but then they released The Lost Tapes, which was clearly an important resolution for them. They’re on the cusp of experiencing the commercial resurgence they were seeking in 2013. I think the story ends at the O2 right? That’s such a monumental achievement to see them live through after the difficulties.

I don’t see such a clear narrative in anything pre-2012, and it’s so unimaginably difficult to tell that story fairly/tastefully. If there was a documentary, the focus should be lead up to the Victory (definitely the credits song) that they’re approaching right now. The more I think about it, the more I want it!
I hope they do simpler choruses with fewer harmonies/more singing in unison, at least on the singles, for their next album.

I love their harmonies, but I think they can be employed better to get hits. If they want every song to have three-part harmonies on the chorus, I hope they build the harmonies over successive choruses or leave a stronger lead/melody voice.
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