Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Most if not all of the Sugababes albums/
singles are finally on U.S. Apple Music!

Im eating!!!
I really needed this today. I’m very thankful to be able to listen to those beautiful harmonies, so soothing.

Also pleasantly surprised to see Back in the Day has jumped up to #12 on iTunes. I’m not sure why the other two songs aren’t there or why the EP isn’t, but people are certainly giving it a listen.
Their People cover is just breathtaking. I was already obsessed with the original but it just works with them. It instantly feels essential to their sound and essence, the way Flowers did (Breathe Me can choke) . Mutya absolutely shines on this one, and those chorus harmonies brought tears to my eyes. I'm so enamored with this I actually hope they incorporate it to future setlists, it's that beautiful.
The new live EP is brilliant - when I saw the tracklisting, I wasn't that excited about "Freak Like Me" as previous acoustic versions haven't done much for me. However, this arrangement is really beautiful - doesn't necessarily match the sassiness of the lyrics, but those harmonies at the end and the adlib stack for the bridge...wooof. I desperately need a full Unplugged album!
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