Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Not me pulling a sickie so I can go down to Sephora today

So good. The Lost Tapes sometimes suffers from its clunky, demo-ish production so it's such a joy to hear Back in the Day stripped down like this. And Siobhan on Freak Like Me?! Bliss.

I still can't believe these decade-old songs have now had something resembling an actual album release cycle - singles, playlist support, live performances and all. A physical release would be the cherry on the cake at this point.
The Apple Music Home Session version of “Freak Like Me” is so cute. I was boggled with the choice but it’s good. It’s funny having Mutya and Siobhan say “good for ME” whereas Keisha kept it classic with “good for MAY-EE”.

Their new cover choices have been exceptionally well. I love “People” (never heard the original).
They sound divine. Better than the piano room session on BBC2. They sound so full and in sync. Keisha has real depth to her voice now that she’s older, it’s insane!

People has to be my favorite cover they’ve done. Wow! Soo soo good. They’ll sound sick on an afrobeat inspired song of theirs, should they record new music.

I also love how fresh they made Freak Like Me sound, it sounds like an original with Siobhan, who sounds absolutely divine.

Edit: Mutya is mother.
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