Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Breathe Me is exquisite. It would be incredible part of a campaign that went Today/I Lay Down (Swimming Pools version)/Breathe Me.

Honestly Breathe Me is the most like the 2.0 hit ballads of anything on the album. Do you people even like Sugababes?
The podcast with Sophie was a really good & nice listen quite insightful at times aswell. Loved the fact that Sophie was quite well prepared with her questions and the info of Siobhan and the band in general.

About the two gigs and The Apple Session EP, very surprised that really came out of the blue, didn't it? I wonder where and when they recorded that? Didn't know opening stores where still such a thing these days, from playing Glastonbury and all those great festivals and obviously doing the tour, performing at Shepora.. Well okay I guess every kind of exposure and being out there is a good thing for them.
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Most if not all of the Sugababes albums/
singles are finally on U.S. Apple Music!

Im eating!!!

Is Change still missing?


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I'm still not over Keisha saying she'd pick Breathe Me as a single. I guess it shouldn't be surprising given most artists have terrible opinions of their own catalogue, but of all the songs on the album... her?

The way it would be critically panned and quite deftly ruin all the groundwork they've done over the last year to restore their reputation... the one thing that song didn’t need was a punchy production. It makes me wince!
The 3 tracks released today are excellent I would love for them to do a “live acoustic” style album of the hits.

& I adored listening to Siobhán on SEB’s podcast. So nice to hear from Siobhán solo with Sophie and hearing what she shared.

Love how there is now constant Sugababes content for all of us after years of literally nothing!
Remember when we were simply begging for crumbs and to break the silence by throwing up something, ANYTHING to YouTube akin to the Google sessions. Look at us now! Fed AND watered! It’s still only been less that a year since they came BACK back at mighty hoopla and look at how much has happened!!
Siobhán is such a treasure. I love how humble she is and took on every day jobs in between being iconic. Her chat with Sophie was lovely but it really helped that Sophie knew the ins and outs of how the industry worked so she was able to ask questions you just don’t hear in a regular interview.

But Siobhán also cementing Keisha as the driving force and almost like their musical director is just confirmation of how hard Keisha works from what we’d already gathered. But it’s also lovely that the girls recognise each others roles and appreciate each other instead of all trying to outdo each other. Such a force of a band, they deserve everything.

I know we already knew The Lost Tapes is mostly the demos polished off but it’s interesting to hear how they weren’t easy to put out being 8 years old with pieces missing/vocals stuck to tracks. We’re so lucky to have gotten what we got and for the album to still sound as a good as it does.
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People (the original) is top ten in the midweeks.

Potentially naive question: does it blowing up have anything to do with the girls covering it? Or has it just popped off on TikTok separately?
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