Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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In no world are they gonna have an album ready for September. Even if it was digital only (which… it won’t be).

Single that will probably end up on the album but not an official ‘lead’, they’ll need way more time to finalise everything, press vinyl, etc.
I’m sure they will have a single out and who knows how much music they’ve recorded the last few years… but album could just have a pre-order.

Or even vinyl/physics of the lost tapes
I highly doubt there will be any sort of album this year. A single is a lot more of a possibility with their tour schedule.

I would love it though if they released a Lost Tapes Volume II or Super Deluxe with some of the other leftover leaks. There are too many good songs in that batch that deserve to Light Up our lives with official releases.
I can't see a new single anytime soon or a new album this year. The girls (especially Keisha) are way too creative and have serious quality-control minds. They won't let anything out there to tie-in with gigs, shows, etc unless it's 100% how they want it. Which can be frustrating as we as fans are so hungry and see the business potential for them, but in terms of quality that we get it's a great thing.

Siobhan did a podcast recently. It was mostly focused on her being a mum but there were some Sugababes bits. But in her motherhood discussions, you can see she has an arrangement with her husband for this year balancing work schedules around their summer dates. I can't see a single/album release this year based on that.

Siobhan podcast with Netmums:
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There's no way in hell they'll release a single in the upcoming 8 weeks or an album by September.

I think it's very possible they'll premiere a new song at the O2, if the studio sessions go well. They know the fans are thirsty. Whether or not it's an official single, who knows?
It’s Sugababes 9th album. It’s Sugababes 1.0’s 3rd album.

As it stands the title is incorrect.
I feel it's more respectful that way. MKS are the current lineup and it will be their 3rd album (they themselves called The Lost Tapes the follow up to One Touch). We also know how much Keisha wants to forget S7 and we should all be supportive of that.
But we all seem to go along with Selena Gomez pretending Stars Dance isn’t her first album so I think we can be respectful of a traumatic time for Keisha and just call this their 3rd?
Even if we skipped Sweet 7, it'd still be the 8th so even that doesn't make sense to say we're ignoring this because of a traumatic time. The Sugababes wasn't traumatic from the point Siobhan left to Keisha's exit.

At the end of the day, they've released 8 albums under various guises. The next album will be the 9th.
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