Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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14th if you want to include the scrapped 4.0 album. It’s all semantics.
Well the only point of contention is whether Lost Tapes is a studio album or compilation. Since it contains mostly unreleased material, I would say it's a studio album.

Also let's not forget Buchanan was involved in the early stages of Sweet 7.
I'm still so obsessed with their Piano Room performance and the Apple Music Home Session (especially the flawless cover of People). I hope they do something similar again soon.
I keep waiting to see them pop up and do an acoustic on Sunday Brunch (UK tv programme).

They did it with Flatline and worked well for them - not sure what trying demographic viewers wise / I do watch it most weekends hungover
With their upcoming material and endeavors, I'd like to see Sugababes doing televised performances again - whatever that looks like. I know we're in a different world now but the previous televised performances have been the lifeblood during any Sugababes-drought.

RE: New Material - I think it's great that the girls are able to work at a pace that suits their personal lives and that it seems to be going well. Siobhan's recent Insta-story definitely gives me some hope and excitement to see what our ladies are making. I think its fair to say that Sugababes are currently in their creative and vocal prime - the years of experience and time has truly enriched and nourished their natural talent.
I saw people’s copies of Hunger arrived today, anyone able to post the photos and interview?
Hoping it uploads in the right order.

Edit: 5 and 6 are wrong way around, but that's it.


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