Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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So happy to see it's doing well in iTunes. For something that was randomly dropped with no promo, that is lovely to see. I don't care about the charts, but it's good for the girls to see that kind of support. This was a wonderful Christmas gift and really topped off a brilliant year for this.

I have such high hopes for 2023. They did everything right this year and all of their struggles behind the scenes finally paid off for them. I am *so* happy for these girls. They didn't have to fight for the name and they could've stayed as MKS, let a studio force them to release any old rubbish and collect a paycheck. They respected their brand and their talent and did it their way and it paid off!


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I'm in disbelief. I think this might be the most stan-fiction-to-reality moment ever? I know there've been a few others (Britney changing the Glory album cover comes to mind, I'm sure there are more), but to have leaked songs from nearly a decade ago packaged together like this, mastered and available to stream & purchase... I am in shock. Wow.
It’s so satisfying finally having these out there to share with friends. I’m forcing everyone I know to listen to No Regrets and hear God. An incredible collection that showcases their talent and, once again, has me excited for possible future releases.

Summer of 99 stays awful though. It’ll never click with me and just doesn’t feel like something they’d record.
Listening now with headphones and fully noticing the differences from the leaked demos, this is such an iconic moment in my life honestly...
I still remember when Flatline dropped and i was in college. I skipped a class and went to the library just so i could use a computer and listen to the track on soundcloud. Who would've thought that we would actually hear this album only almost 10 years later!
After overplaying the leaks i always used to say that if this album was released it would've been my favorite album ever. And now it's here and i'm lost for words. Honestly best Christmas gift ever!
I need them to release this physically so i can buy all formats and give them the money they deserve for making this life changing masterpiece.
I’m so glad they didn’t name anything ‘Sacred Three’.

Same. It sounds like a gospel trio.

I'm sad about the lack of Back to Life and especially Love in Stereo

I think "Back to Life" will have its day. It has that X-Factor "crying montage" feel that should go over well with the general public. It also has what might be my favourite Mutya lyric.

I love that whoever made the songlist for The Lost Tapes on Youtube added "Love In Stereo" at the end.

But can we talk a little bit about Drum? I am low key obsessed with Drum. I’ve been low key obsessed with the demo for a while, but the finished version is just sublime.

I have a lot of thoughts about this album of the year, but it’s past 1AM so I better leave those for tomorrow.

"Drum" has always been my album opener but I go back and forth on it. Sometimes I think the last minute or so is the only part that's top tier. The "guest vocalist" part - someone said that it's Mutya's voice altered - has never sat right with me. Why reintroduce a group with a track and partly disguise the identity of the singer at the opening? Maybe that Crown comment about how the Sugababes could be anyone has stuck in my craw too heavily all these years.

I also think it's lame to take the lyric from double entendre ("I love it when you beat that drum") to single entendre ("I love it when you beat MY drum.").

They need to do a Lost Tapes show in a cute small venue soon please. For the fans.

Is The Sugar Club still a venue in Dublin...?

Some differences in Victory! Interesting as it was probably the most ‘finished’ leak.

Not at all. Biff Stannard made a point of saying how they'd just plopped the vocal on top of the track they received on the day.

Someone said Metal Heart sounds weird or empty or something. It does sound a bit muted at first but I think it really works in its favor?

"Metal Heart" is purposefully dank in its aesthetic. I am beyond overjoyed that the sibilance has been removed. "Too In Love" is probably my favourite MKS track but I'd argue that "Metal Heart" is the quintessential continuation of the One Touch sound - Sugababes + Cameron McVey.

They sort of buggered up 'Summer Of '99', which was my absolute favourite of the unreleased tracks up to now - the new version is just watered down and not as muscular compared to the original leak

I think someone with leftfield indie tendencies got in the way. I choose to blame Booga Bear and not Shanghai Nobody.

I strongly suggest that they do a Single Remix that returns "Summer of '99" to its Killers glory. Besides "Victory," it's the song with the most General Public appeal.

The whole back end of this album

One Touch has the stronger back end too. Full Circle.

Mutya’s ad libs on I’m Alright

are on another level from the demo, which was already a high bar. I'm so glad.

I think these songs connect so well because they sound so content

It's interesting you say that as melancholy runs through their work so strongly. Moody midtempos are where they live.

Back In Day sounds different to me, a bit more upbeat than other mixes I've heard? Lovely closer.

They upped the percussion. I like it.

There are some tracks where it is obvious that the vocals have been re-recorded and it kind of takes away the magic of the songs. The one that is most jarring for me is Keisha’s verse on I’m Alright.

Not for me. Siobhan is usually the queen of intimate vocalising but Keisha joins her on this. It's a beautiful thing to hear Keisha at her most tender.

I do miss Tulita on the outro.

I miss Adele Dazeem.

I also love how Siobhan isn't afraid to get Keisha and Mutya in where needed to bring extra power to her verses. Her songwriting is so powerful but she knows how to use their vocals to lift everything to higher place than she could manage alone.

Why does this read like the sweetest shade I've ever read? I can even hear it said in the voice of an old White lady from the American South.

I'm so so happy they didn't just release Today or a short EP.

Same. I always wanted a body of work or nothing. They've delivered. And how.

I am having a new appreciation for Victory which I liked before but wasn't one of my favourites.

Slowing the tempo for more of an Island feel (shout out to "Romantic Call"!) elevates it, and removes some of the "computer game music" vibes from the demo.

Best new edit on the album is definitely Beat Is Gone.

It feels wrong to pick a standout track when the quality of the album is so high but "Beat Is Gone" really is the zenith. Siobhan's harmonies after the 2 minute mark and again after circa 4 minutes... Sheer Beauty.

but why did Summer of '99 have to be the one to change for the worse?

It's the one misstep.

I need them to release this physically

A physical release would make bonus tracks more of an incentive... Free "Love In Stereo," "Summer of '99 (Demo Version)" and "Only You (Biff's Version)" from the vaults, please. "Lay Down In Swimming Pools" is probably too complicated to sort out and it already was mixed and mastered by Blue, so...
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Love reading everyone's comments. I am in agreement about 'Summer of '99' however, I can easily see me forgetting all about this and warming up to this version after a few more listens.

I just assumed all three were involved in the songwriting but to see Siobhan really getting stuck in there is really impressive and proves how talented she is as a songwriter and not just for alternative-pop but for pop-pop too!

Having this album appear in the iTunes chart can only be a good thing and get a few random people checking it out whom otherwise would probably never know it was even out.

So happy we have these songs officially now!
An absolute anomaly of a release, and one of such great love. And no words can ever crystallize how grateful I am for this music. For their music. For their artistry.

It's relieving to hear "I Lay Down" in its original form without the threat of destroying my subwoofer (elle oh elle). One of the best songs in their entire catalogue.

"No Regrets" continues to make me cry. Good god. So good to hear all the vocal production sorted.

"Today" is an absolute revelation. (Kinda thrilled the middle-8 melody was left intact) — Mutya is a firestorm on this one.

"Victory" somehow sounds more their own here, mixed with parts of Sia's We Are Born era, as opposed to "Sia-by-numbers". The power of mixing!

And "Metal Heart" is a really beautiful song. I have to admit it wasn't my favorite before, but hearing it here makes it really shine for me.

Thank you, Sugababes.

The verses of "Summer of '99" are so much better than the leak. But the chorus is drained. I think the overall mastering of the album is a little oppressive — but totally understable considering how all over the place the songs are — but it sucks the joy out of "Flatline" and "Summer" and there are also a few audible clicks here and there and the tuning on Siobhán's verse on "I'm Alright" is still mega-noticeable but that will be the last thing I say critically OK thanks praise be to Keisha.
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Been hammering this all day. It just perfectly highlights what makes this line-up one of pop's greatests—vocally brilliant together but also real magic as creators and curators of their own work. Their fingerprints are all over the lyrics and melodies.

Also it's crazy how fresh this whole set sounds considering it's been a decade.
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