Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Keisha's verse on "I'm Alright" just sounds like she was maybe unsatisfied with her previous take and just re-recorded it (similar to "Red Dress"). To me it sounded a bit subtle on the demo, but after a couple listens of this one it sounds fine. Siobhan's verse sounds a bit different too for the first few lines, and the chorus is more solid as you can better hear each of their placings. And they treated Mutya's (and Keisha's) ad-libs in a way that helps them settle into the track much better.
I didn’t listen to many of the leaks so this is basically all new to me. A great collection of tracks, I’m happy for them that it got an official release.

Love In Stereo was one of the only leaks I’d listened to and kept coming back to. I wish they could have included it here (surely Bananarama using it shouldn’t have stopped them putting theirs out too?!).
Rivers deep, now shallow
As it flows we let go
And where we've been nobody knows

Love this surprise from the girls. They've done a lot for the fans to make up for the lost time.... The Lost Tapes release at xmas and the wrapping paper, those are jokes for the inner circle. These girls pay attention.

I prefer the new version of Summer of '99, just surprised that Siobhan co-wrote. It feels like a nod to About You Now. The new vocals of Keisha on i'm allright are an improvement, on the leaks it sounded she had a cold...

Just love the body of work as a whole.

Let's just hope that some of the other traks (too in love, love in stereo, light up) show up on some release in the future.

But I'm sure that the girls are testing the water with this release and will head back to the studio to create more magic!
Some of these songs can comfortably sit amongst the top tier of Sugababes tracks. I have some minor production/mastering quibbles but who has time for negativity today

Throwing this out honestly makes me feel like they’re continuing to create new music together, but who really knows…

For now, with this album and the tour, we finally have closure. They really said gay rights.
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