Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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I wonder if "Breathe Me" was included for playlists - "Movie/TV Favourites" etc. I miss Keisha's "So better wrap me up in your arms!" ad lib. I don't mind the very of its time production. Sia's version always sounded designed for Starbucks.

"Back to Life" goes too heavy on the tuning at the chorus. It has anthem appeal so it might do something for them outside the hardcore fanbase. "I may not be original, but I'm all me" is a wonderful rejoinder to Mutya's critics.

The spoken part on "Only You" did take some getting used to, but like Keisha's spoken part on "Push the Button," I've accepted it into my life. I don't agree that it's generic. Siobhan's "civil war" section in no way fits that dismissal. I love the pounding production. I think the track nicely bridges the poppier side of the album ("Boys") with the "trudging through the shit" (emotionally) midtempos that some listeners who just want a dance might pass over.
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Back To Life is a surprise choice for me. Not unwelcome but when it had contenders like Light Up & Three More Days in the wings I would have put my bet on either or both of those to accompany Only You as deluxe tracks.

But yes - this has been an amazing week and what we've gotten is unexpected and wonderful.
I've a question to those in the know, with Spotify's New Music Friday, are songs submitted for consideration or does someone/a team at Spotify choose them?

For instance, Today has been added to some New Music Friday lists but no other track has and it hasn't been listed in the UK. It's not making logical sense to me.
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