Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Manifesting a remaster.
Ok so it literally worked?!

On Tidal Hifi at minimum, I’m gonna go so far as to say the deluxe version is at least a much higher quality upload of all the tracks, if not a quick remaster. Comparing each song to the original version version of the album still on Tidal, and it’s so much easier on the ears. I’m not turning down all the tracks or bemoaning how harsh their vocals sound. Even Metal Heart isn’t the brash blast of audio on my poor ears that it’s been. I was finding myself listening to the demos instead of streaming the album, so this is really welcome. Yay!
So I haven’t been keeping check too closely but are we expecting an eventual new album from them besides The Lost Tapes or is this it for awhile? They’ve definitely got some momentum on their side in their main market so I’d say capitalize on it next year.


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10 years ago. And now we have a goddamn album.
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I've been reflecting a lot as it goes into 2023 but the fact that this year I saw my favourite girl group lineup come back from the wilderness to reclaim their original name from pop music patriarchy, announce and sell out a national tour, sell out an O2 show a year in advance, be a security nightmare at Glastonbury and release a victory lap album of fan favourites that's as good as anything they made during or after 1.0...

Honestly, what a fucking miracle and a total privilege to be part of. True pop justice.
I know it‘s almost a little too late now but I was wondering and wanted to ask, if anybody on here is going to record the performance and potential interview from the Big Bash tonight?

That‘s something I always wanted to do myself but to this day I have no clue how it works..

And if someone is recording it, are you willing sending it to me maybe? I really miss the days when there were all the platforms and forums you could get the stuff or even trade videos with other fans, it‘s very different nowadays.
Oh man, justice for Light Up. I’m sad it’s been left off both the standard and deluxe - especially since it packs more of a punch than both Back to Life and Breathe Me and also sonically would fit on the album perfectly as well. I’m secretly hoping they’re saving it to revamp and use properly when they release a new album.
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