Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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So this release completely passed me by, but what a lovely surprise to hear all of these songs! I hadn't heard the leaks, so other than Flatline this is all fresh material for me.

It's amazing to hear new Sugababes music again! Their harmonies are sounding INCREDIBLE and some of the songs are as good as their best. Initial highlights are Love Me Hard (Keisha's vocals on this...WOW), Boys (you can hear Shaznay's songwriting all over this, what a perfect collaborator for the OG Sugababes), Metal Heart (this could have come straight off the Change album), Today, I'm Alright (those harmonies) and Back In The Day (what an amazing closer).

So great that they were able to put this out and close this chapter, before they hopefully move onto bigger things in 2023!
What does Siobhán sing in Today?
They'll try and destroy you
You ain't deaf so you can hear me

Those drugs will just throw you in death
Until you can't hear me

Or something else completely?
The songwriting is sublime on this whole album but kudos also to Mutya who always interprets material in such a genuine way

Shoutout to Mutya's verses in Too In Love (RIP) and Love Me Hard that she delivers with such raw emotion.

"Now my heart's beating fast, I'm waiting, no doubt
and I'm aching inside now"

"No more lonely, now you're here hold me
don't wait, cover me, cover me"
Without going too much into it, I've been burnt out with work stress over the pandemic and feeling really not like myself for past few years. I forced myself back to the gym tonight and had an amazing session with the Lost Tapes and I feel so much more like myself for first time in ages. To hear their voices together again, hearing their songwriting and there's as many fun tracks as there is touching songwriting. I also feel quite nostalgic for the MKS days too, it was so unbelievable that they were singing together again and still is to this day.
The one-two punch that is Beat Is Gone and Only You, wow. I'm not crying you are.

Keisha's chorus in Beat is probably my favourite vocal of hers, ever. And she's had some amazing ones (e.g. Push The Button, Too Lost in You ad-libs). Only You is my favourite song of the whole project, so I'm glad they did the deluxe!

I love everything bar Summer of 99, which is still good but its neutered compared to the glory of the demo. Only You deserved it's main album placement tbh!

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