Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

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Was there a point when you thought the single wouldn’t come out at all?

No. I knew it would come out, but when you’re signed to a major label you’re tied to their release structure which can be frustrating, but we trust them and we deal with the creative side of things and know they’ll take care of the rest.

When’s the album out?

Very early next year. Second single, then bang into the album.

Also the good thing about it coming out on a weird day is that you can always go “well don’t judge the chart position, it only had two days’ sales”.

Well yes, I mean I don’t think this is the sort of act that’s going to live or die by its chart positions — I think people are excited to hear us live and hear the album, and I don’t think what will happen on Sunday will change that one bit.

Actually quite a harrowing read. Little did she know she was days away from everything going catastrophically wrong, and the album that she talked about so lovingly being completely scrapped.
These ominous notions from 2013 are such a reminder about how this industry, and the relationship between artists, their music, and their fans, is continuing to evolve. There's actual hope for so many "shelved" projects. They just need the right circumstances (and a lot of patience). I think right away of the All Saints fandom and my "home" fandom, Ace of Base (where "soon" also became a cuss word).

With TODAY appearing on streaming playlists as a single of sorts, maybe SUMMER OF '99 and its alternate version will get its 'day' a little later this year (it can only be paired with sunny weather). I'm a Love Me Hard / Light Up stan, and although the latter didn't make the album I haven't ruled it out yet. No way not never!
H&M added Boys to its in-store playlist today!

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The album has been rising slowly on the iTunes albums chart throughout the week. Seems the banner and maybe the small bits of added exposure they’re getting is working to a degree. It would be great if they could perform one of the tracks on tv or on the live lounge or something.
I followed the reunion with mild interest because for me Heidi was integral to the group, but I must say this album is so good and I'm fully on board now. I didn't like 'Flatline' when it was released but in the context of the album it slaps a bit.

'Love Me Hard' is basically 'Caught in the Moment 2.0' (meant as a compliment and not as criticism), even down to the lyrics and a powerful bridge where Keisha does what she does best and the fact it's the third track on the album. That bridge is definitely a highlight on the album. Other highlights are the chorus of 'Metal Heart' and Siobhan's verses on 'Metal Heart' (including the harmonies from the other girls there) and 'I'm Alright'. ''I left you a letter, saying I know what you did, who you've been sleeping with'' is probably my favorite little part on the whole album.

There are no duds on the album although 'Beat Is Gone' took a couple of listens to appreciate, but even that one hits. I do think 'No Regrets' would benefit from a more subdued production, or at least I wish Keisha's ''I choose life'' line at the end of the chorus was a lot clearer with no background music, basically like how she ends the chorus of 'Sound of Goodbye'. I love the sample they used in 'Back in the Day'. All the songs are just so much fun to sing along to which probably helped my enjoyment.

I wonder if the original album they intended to release in 2014 had the same tracklisting as The Lost Tapes or if it deviates at all? Either way, I'm glad this has seen the light of day. Definitely been on repeat for me for the past 1/2 weeks.
Today's playcount has increased almost 20K in 10 hours on Spotify...161K total now.

Almost at 216K (+55K since my last post) and has moved up to 7th on Sugababes currently most played on Spotify.

Just for context: Louise's Super Magic is at 67K, Roisin O's 2023 is on 6K and Bimini's Different Kinds of People is on 82K on Spotify and all have been playlisted by BBC Radio 2. Louise on the A List, Roisin O & Bimini on the C List.

Not sure how it works but I can't see any reason Sugababes can't be playlisted.
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