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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I’ve bombarded Siobhan with questions as well - hope she answers a few of them!
  2. Does anyone have an update on One Touch chart wise at the moment?
  3. kal


    I did a thing.


    Edit: I actually did two things.

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  4. ADM


  5. This is just genius. Love.
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  6. Siobhan's answers are actually great. The questions are also very interesting like how the tracklist was decided, how do they assign harmonies etc.
  7. kal


    I asked that. xx
  8. I love questions like these, music geek in that respect.
  9. Siobhan's answers are really good. I love Mutya but she can't really remember shit can she, bless!
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  10. Number ten in the mids today. 209 copies ahead of Number 11 (Dave).
  11. Oh no…
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  12. Get signing some last minute vinyls girls... 200-300 should do the trick!
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  13. One Touch really is such a great debut, isn't it? And it still feels so fresh. Same Old Story, Look At Me, Real Thing, Promises and New Year are my all time faves, but it's all so good.

    I remember writing the lyrics to Promises out and framing them in my room when the album came out. My sister thought it was something I'd written and was very impressed. Less so when I told her they weren't my words. I clearly had less emotional depth at 17 than the babes did at 15/16.
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  14. can someone contact their management and make this happen?
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  15. It might be too late to do signed vinyl, but they could take a leaf from Manic Street Preacher's tactics a few weeks ago and do the vinyl bundled with signed lithographs/prints that ship in a few weeks, and ship the vinyl out tomorrow.
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  16. I prob would buy another vinyl if it was signed.
  17. I've done my duty and downloaded the digital edition from the vinyl. I'll need it anyway.
  18. I notice the president of Sony just insta storied a pic of the album and congrats to the girls hopefully that’s who they are signed to for the new stuff. She follows them also
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  19. The "Freedom" shellshock is real.
  20. Will be streaming all tracks incessantly until Friday.
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