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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. It's a shame Mutya hates Red Dress, it's one of my favorite songs on its parent album. Such a bop. And it was quite a hit for them no?
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  2. I'd be happy if they don't dwell to much in the past after the festivals. They are to good to be reduced to a mere nostalgia act and once they start singing their current songs (and hopefully more of the MKS ones) the setlist should only leave space for a few of their essential hits. At least that's what I'd prefer. Above all alse I hope that they stay authentic and continue to only perform songs they enjoy themselves.
  3. I actually loved the way they did About You Now at Hoopla. It was a nice little nod to a song we never ever thought we'd get.
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  4. Videos are back

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  5. They could easily pull together a fan favourite medley to perform. Perhaps testing the waters over the weekend to see what works?

    Obviously everything works because they are just amazing performers and vocalists.

    Even though I can’t see them this time around, I’m still so excited to see what the next few performances bring.
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  6. I found watching the Hoopla performance very bittersweet for that reason, especially thinking back to their Scala gig in 2013. It's painful to remember the excitement hearing songs like Boys, No Regrets and Love Me Hard for the first time, and watching what we thought was the beginning of something really big. So much potential was wasted in the last ten years - but of course glad they're back and brilliant as ever.
  7. I finally reviewed my Hoopla footage and posted some supercut I did of the whole weekend (slides 2&3). Not Mutya within seconds posting heart emoji's under it and making me cry. This trip was simply magical and I'm still over the moon.

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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "Today" being loved on by them nearly a decade later is so powerful. What a song.
  9. I don't think the general public would want to hear songs they don't know. So the ladies will be performing the hits for a while I feel until they eventually get to release a new album or EP or whatever the plan is.

    It would be nice if by the end of the year they've announced their own tour and an album pre-order or something.
  10. This is all such a win for Keisha in particular. I remember the infamous photo of her arriving at the airport after being pushed out of the group, all the stories that they planted in the media about her, the pettiness of the "DO NOT USE" version of Get Sexy...she has dealt with so much abuse and now she gets to reclaim all her work and have a big comeback.
  11. If they do release an album, please god don’t let it be called Sacred Three.
  12. kal


    I love Sacred Three as a title.
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  13. I hate “About You Now” but I won’t complain if it does become a staple of their sets for at least I will have a designated time to go pee.
  14. I don't love About You Now either but their live version was incredible. THE DRUMS!
  15. Loving all this Sugababes love - so deserved. Let’s just pray to the pop Gods that this buzz and opportunity to return fully is not wasted and that plans are in place to capitalise.
  16. They're in a bit of a tricky position in a way as getting the Sugababes name back undoubtedly opens up their audience, which is great as it equates to bigger venues and more coin etc. But at the same time it also means they'll have to keep churning out a large number of the hits (a la Steps), while the core fanbase is craving the new stuff. It will be interesting to see what the plan is from here, but for now I'm just happy that they're active again.
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  17. I loved this piece so much, thank you! Edited: I even quoted this on the last page :-)
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  18. They are the Sugababes, so they are always going to use the Sugababes back catalogue in their gigs from now. Expect the hits, especially for any festival show.

    We won’t get new material until they go on a dedicated tour, if and when they decide to release something.
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  19. They are missing out on coin by not having today on an official streaming service
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