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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Siobhan going from 0 to full-time mummy vlogger on Instagram was not something I expected to happen.
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  2. kal


    I hope Siobhan will be back in time for rehearsals, but also live your best life queen!
  3. It's a blazingly sunny day here in the Scottish Highlands and I'm spinning One Touch for the first time in ages and I'm once again in awe of just how great it is. Easily the best album ever created by a girlband, theres something so charming about it that never grows old.
  4. I've been in a Flatline kind of mood lately and keep listening to it on YouTube. I decided to watch the video again and read the comments and there are so many recent comments and everybody is in awe of the song. Many call it one of the greatest modern pop songs and everybody is baffled by the lack of success. It's so nice to hear that from people who clearly are more casual fans.

    It's crazy that it's 2022 and Flatline sounds *more* current than it did at the time. It truly is a masterpiece and I still don't understand why everything wasn't thrown at making that a worldwide success. That's the type of song a label should take notice of and make a focal point for their releases. There are groups with good harmonies, but you cannot touch these three. They also have the perfect look and I love how fresh everything they do is.

    I know now we have some shows to look forward to and doubt on if they will release new music, but I wanted to give a shout out to Flatline! If they don't release anything else, they went out on top!
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  5. shame you can’t stream it though isn’t it? It’s ludicrous.
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  6. Siobhan's Instagram stories have been breathtaking.


  7. One of the many mysteries of Sugababes!
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  8. I’m still not over the only Scottish date being cancelled and me not being able to make any other dates.

    Damn. Looking forward to some quality uploads!
  9. GCZ


    I wonder if Siobhan is up to something with Plastic Pop in terms of rereleasing her solo albums, as I saw they now follow each other on IG, and she commented on one of their posts saying it was gorge.
  10. kal


    I’d buy it.
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  11. Talking about their setlist in these shows, I wonder if they will sing the MNEK remix of Run for Cover instead of the original.

    They have been teasing the release of Ghosts for a long time, but I imagine they have been focusing on releasing one project at a time.
  12. kal


  13. Siobhan has posted more in the past three days than her entire Instagram career!
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  14. I forgot this happened.
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  15. A can't waight tah traë dem awn.
  16. Not Barbie, Nikki, and Teresa being the lost fifth lineup...
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  17. GCZ


    The Medway City Heights remix is a gem. I love it.
  18. Very nice! I wonder if this is a sign that the song will be performed again for them to place up the remixes?

    *cough* Wanna place flatline up again too *cough*
  19. How strange! I’ve never even seen that Dave Lee Club Mix anywhere before, not even on any promos???
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