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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Isn't it just the Joey Negro mix? I think it's an alias of Dave Lee.
  2. Yeah it is
    Imagine calling yourself Joey Negro when
  3. We love seeing girlband members supporting other girlband members.

  4. Why is this making me emotional?
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  5. Does anyone have a link to their BRITS 2003 performance of Freak Like Me?
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The fact that the original "I Lay Down" may never see the light of day is heartbreaking.
  7. Ain't that the truth. It was the best leak for me. There's just something about it, so stunning.
  8. The original "I Lay Down" is probably the most stunning track they've done. Assuming this is the track Siobhan meant when she mentioned how the album (Sacred Three) will have sounds/elements similar to her solo records. Hoping they could still include this in any future release.

  9. [​IMG]

    I’ll never get enough.
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  10. I am so here for 'I Lay Down' love. Its hauntingly beautiful and does not at all sound dated, even 9/10 years after recording it. If the world were a just place, we would have a chilling video for this song that could be the darkest video Sugababes have done to date. We can all dream!
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  12. My heartbeat needs to chill honestly
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  13. ADM


    They all look AMAZING.

    How exciting (please announce an Ireland date xo)
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  14. kal


    Love to see them starting rehearsals.
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  15. Love that Siobhan reposted this with Round Round playing!
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  16. The Instastory. The layers!
  17. Love love love it!
  18. Seeing the three of them together is always such a thrill. It never gets old.

    I so agree. It's definitely one of my all time favorites too.

    Maybe that's an indication that they rehearsed it.

    I just got this recommended on YouTube and thought how cool it would be if they'd do something like this during their festival sets. What song should they cover in 2022?
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