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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I feel this all has to be part of a bigger plan for new music like the 20th anniversary re issue and now all the summer tours maybe it’s to get the general public used to this line up and then bam new music. Here’s hoping!
  2. Mutya’s new song ‘Taking It Easy’ is out today.

  3. I love those videos. They’ve been my
    MP3 for years as I love the hits with Siobhán’s voice (especially ugly, stronger, and hole in the head).

    Hopefully we get some new ones with all these shows.
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  4. kal


    They've just announced they'll be supporting Westlife.

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  5. This is looking like a promising “comeback”
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  6. I wonder if they'll support for their arenas too? (Probably not but fingers crossed)
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  7. Sugababes and Soule on the same night? Great opening acts!
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  8. Looks like I’m gonna have to go to west life
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  9. Oh I might have to get tickets then!
  10. Is this the first time they’ve performed in a stadium?
  11. Get ready to be overloaded….. it’s Sugababes season.

    This campaign is already out doing the MKS era.
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  12. I’ve never been happier to already have tickets to something. I’ve gold circle standing tickets for the Aviva. The way I’m now more excited for Sugababes than Westlife. This made my day.

    I haven’t seen the girls since NYE 2013.
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  13. kal


    Isn't this a given though?
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  14. Another show announcement.

  15. Rob


    I really hope they announce more Irish dates as making us go to Westlife is not the tea.
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  16. Now all we need is a single so they can finally leave Comeback Corner.

    But overall very good start with all the shows.
  17. How exciting! They had better gimme a Scottish date asap, we are feeling very left out
  18. No they actually performed many times in stadiums during their heyday. Would be quite cool if they‘d announce some festivals in Europe too, maybe they‘re in the pipeline but I guess they‘ll try to test the waters first.

    It would‘ve been cool to go to one of the UK dates but it‘s not as easy, nearly impossible for me to go..
    I won‘t be getting a week or even a few days off right now and going there for just one or two days isn‘t really an option. Also like somebody said previously, I haven‘t got anybody of my friends that would join me and I‘m probably the only one but I‘m not really fond of massive crowds of people.
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  19. Some intimate headline gigs later in the year would be ideal. I need to experience them live!
  20. GCZ


    A few US gigs too would be nice.
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