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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. They did Rock in Rio which I believe there's a bigger attendance than an stadium.
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  2. I agree! I am so upset the Westlife thing was announced so last minute because I would've loved to have gone to that. I'm not fond of festivals, but I like Westlife and LOVE Sugababes of course, so that would've been a good fit for me.
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  3. I'm really tempted to get tickets to Westlife. It would be great to see them for the first time ever in a stadium. It's a great gig for them.
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  4. Sugababe fans when the girls finish, and Westlife is about to come on.
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  5. My friend actually did this when Fifth Harmony opened for Enrique Inglasis in Glasgow ddd.
  6. 8836407C-D56E-453E-A61E-CDFB3D842F17.jpeg Freak like me has gone Gold
  7. Great to see them having so many varied gigs. I feel like it will be a great way to remind the general public of the Sugababes back catalogue. It’s very hard to deny the megahits that were Freak Like Me, Round Round, Stronger, Hole In The Head, Too Lost In You, Push The Button.

    Everyone’s about to get a reminder.
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  8. It just seems like they have a very good plan and direction now moving forward.
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  9. Happy birthday, Mutya!

  10. ADM


    I’ve resigned myslef to the the fact that I can’t make MH work (logistics of having stuff on the Sunday in Ireland) and am going to go to Westlife to see them. I just hope the set isn’t cut too much as they’re only supporting Westlife. MH seems like the only headline they have this Summer? I’m tempted to try get to one of the other gigs in August.
  11. She deliberately did not bop to Takin Back My Love, Be With You, Not In Love, Escape and Bailamos?
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  12. There's Margate Pride on 13th August?
  13. She did not. I would've persuaded her to stay and do so, but alas she didn't know me at the time.
  14. I had a walk in the pouring rain today to Catfights and I must say it hit the spot perfectly. I love how dramatic it all is - and Heidi in particular sounds phenomenomal on it, her verse on Can We Call A Truce is heartbreaking.
  15. For whatever reason, someone's posted a fake setlist saying the girls did a 16 song set at Shepherd's Bush Empire on May 16th. I don't hate the setlist.

    1. Run for Cover (MNEK Remix)
    2. One Foot In
    3. Freak Like Me
    4. Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix)
    5. Stronger
    6. Too Lost in You
    7. Lush Life
    8. New Year (Acoustic)
    9. One Touch
    10. Soul Sound
    11. Flowers
    12. Flatline
    13. Push the Button
    14. Round Round
    15. Hole in the Head
    16. Overload
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  16. It's a lovely album, I just think they chose the wrong singles however I think people were sort of over Sugababes by that point sadly.
  17. According to the timetable on the Woov app for Hoopla. Their set is from 9:25-10:25.
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  18. kal


    Love that we're getting a full hour set! I'm so excited.
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  19. It's fucking mindblowing to me that 1.0 are doing an hour's live set in a week's time as Sugababes. I've had to endure this cursed thread and endless circular discussions for nearly a decade and it's... now really happening.
  20. Don’t let us down girls, as soon as it’s over post the setlist please!!!
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