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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Hope someone records this for those of us who can’t make it
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  2. It truly has been a wild decade. It's so bizarre to be a fan of someone based on their unreleased material.
  3. I've got most of the demos on in my fantasy mega-album tracklist order for the first time in a while... holy fuck what strong work.

    Does anybody have the lyrics to Metal Heart? There are so many bits I have no clue and I'm just singing nonsense along!
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  4. @kal wrote them down perfectly:

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  5. Summer of '22 is looking pretty bright

    Also, looks like the girls will be on TraceVault later this evening?
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  6. 1 hour equals about 12 songs.

    What songs are you wanting to hear them perform?

    I would love to hear -
    1. Overload
    2. round round
    3. Hole in the head
    4. In the middle
    5. About you now
    6. Push the button
    7. Freak like me
    8. New song
    10. New song
    11. Run for cover
    12. New song
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  7. 1. Overload
    2. Freak Like me
    3. Round Round
    4. Stronger
    5. Flatline
    6. Summer of 99
    7. Hole in the head
    8. Too lost in you
    9. About you now
    10. New song
    11. Flowers
    12. Push the button
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  8. 1. Get Sexy
    2. Wear My Kiss
    3. About A Girl
    4. Wait For You
    5. Thank You For The Heartbreak
    6. Miss Everything
    7. She's A Mess
    8. Give It To Me Now
    9. Crash & Burn
    10. No More You
    11. Sweet & Amazing
    12. Little Miss Perfect
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. ECAFFD4E-F0A6-45E4-91A2-DBC8DF758C6D.gif
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  11. You treat me just like your maid
    Or one of your spare car parts

    Feelings, they run too strong

    No pain and no more load

    I'm not trying to dispute
  12. kal


    What I want is not what I expect to see.
    Someone start a petition for the current line-up to work with William Orbit.
  13. Wasn't Spiral supposed to be put on Spotify? I thing I read something about it recently.
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  14. I've tweeted him about it!
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  15. Homie needs to hurry up with that re-release of Hello Waveforms. I know it’s only been a month since the estimated release but it’s gone silent ever since that last update!
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  16. They’re rehearsing Stronger on H from Steps Instagram story
  17. An hour? Amazing. What will be the song after Metal Heart then?
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  18. Sounds like they've recorded Siobhan's vocals for the track judging by H's story. Release it.
  19. The next lineup? Mutya Keisha H?
  20. OMG, this makes me so happy. The way Keisha and Mutya started to sing Sugaboy to each other at the end... I love them!
    I wish the girls would post more behind the scenes bits like this themselves.

    Yes, definitely. I think Mutyas and Keishas parts were recorded too, since they barely sang or only sang over the track?
    If we don't have a HQ professional recorded live performance of Stronger by the end of the year I'm gonna riot.
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