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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I feel like just a few pages back we were discussing how there can't be new music because we haven't seen them in the studio. Now hearing that track on H's instagram shows they've been in the studio and we just didn't know it. If they recorded a backing track for Stronger, they likely did it for the full setlist.

    Never count out our girls! I'm keeping hope alive we will get a single before the year is up.
  2. Stop it! I need to stay pessimistic for my own sanity.
  3. Fingers crossed they release these recordings to go along with the Mighty Hoopla set. Think Cheryl dropped remixes after her set last year
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  4. You guys really jumped at me with the “BUT THEY ALWAYS POST WHEN THEY’RE RECORDING1111!!”

    Again: They really don’t have to post shit every time they record. There’s nothing binding them saying they have to let us know. Besides, some of the fandom is a bit unhinged when they do anything besides releasing music.
  5. As far as I remember that was only me. And I only said that over the last 10 years we always had clues when they were recording music (that later got released or leaked). If not by the girls themselves then by producers or writers. And now we got the clue that they recorded Stronger (and probably all the other tracks they're going to perform) in preparation for the summer festivals. It's 100% possible that they secretly recorded an entire album and signed a record contract with anyone involved tied to absolute secrecy. I just (still) think we won't get a surprise release of a new album anytime soon. But again, I'd be delighted to be wrong. Maybe they are going to release the re-recordings. If they do, we had a clue.
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  6. The most realistic set of songs would be (in no particular order)
    Run For Cover
    Freak Like Me
    Hole In the head
    Too lost in you
    Caught in a moment
    Push the button
    One or two more One touch songs, possibly Same old story and Promises, the former got a new remix, latter is a fan favourite.

    I could also imagine them swapping few out of those for songs like Round Round or In the middle since it could be a little too ballad heavy. Question is if they want to include stuff like their MKS unreleased stuff or any new songs. I guess not but anything could happen. Performing a cover of a current song is also a thing Sugababes used to do back in their heydays, that could also happen here.
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  7. I'd love it they do a new cover.
    It will be interesting to see if they perform Flatline, considering it's still not back for streaming.
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  8. Flowers can stay in 2019. I know I’ll still get my life to it if it’s performed!
  9. Push The Button
    Hole In The Head
    Run For Cover
    Freak Like Me
    A cover of a recent hit (ala Diamonds)

    I also think they’ll be cheeky and do a bit of About You Now in a mash-up or something to tease us (similar to the heavenly Flatline/Push The Button) or/and maybe a new original song, probably not anything already leaked though.
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  10. Be a bit weird doing flowers when sweet female attitude are also on the line up?
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  11. I really hope they do at least a few songs they haven't already performed in 2013. I think (hope) Round Round is a given.
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  12. I would honestly be surprised if the whole MKS material has been scrapped. I don't doubt there might be issues with the rights of some songs, or that they would have to be re-recorded, but it's hard to believe that songs as personal as Back in the Day or Summer of 99 will remain unreleased.

    Also I'm dying to know what label are they signed to. It would tell us so much about their plans.
  13. Yeah I hope they perform some of the MKS tracks and give us hope that they’ll eventually see the legally released light of day.
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  14. If they do a cover,
    Maybe they’ll cover Bananarama’s ‘Love In Stereo’?
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  15. I legit read this as "Never count on our girls!" and I wasn't phased dd
  16. I don’t have insta, can someone please share the videos if possible?

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Well then the only answer is that they perform it together right??
  18. The difference being that the Sugababes are on the main stage and Sweet Female Attitude very much are not.
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  19. Never been a fan of their version of Flowers to be honest. It was nice to see them together during the time.

    They have enough material - they don’t need covers.
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  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Their version of "Flowers" is actually pretty essential in my eyes. After "Flatline", and especially without seeing them live or hearing was a huge landmark in their return. It was pretty much a six-year expanse in their activity, and if they choose to sing it...why the fuck not? It elevates the original and is completely bolstered by their harmonies.
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