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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Everyone seems to know Flowers too whether it be the original, the Sugababes version or a different cover so it’s an easy crowd pleaser.
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  2. But...what comes after Metal Heart?
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  3. Honestly, I'd die if they actually perform Metal Heart at Mighty Hoopla.
  4. I guarantee everyone will be too drunk and lit to care about the nuances of the Flowers cover and if it's appropriate to sing or not. It's a classic, it'll go off, people love it whoever's singing it.

    They'll probably intro it with a "Sweet Female Attitude also playing this weekend and we love them make sure you go see them xxx", they'll be fully aware of them also being the lineup and it not being their song.
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  5. Literally does nothing for me.

    Would I bop to it if I had the chance to see them this summer, of course.

    I wonder if they will perform any of the leaked material? Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear something new performed.
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  6. They'll stick to Sugababes songs, let's be honest. Other than a select few, no one is going to be clamouring to hear unreleased MKS songs as part of their setlist. It'll be a greatest hits type affair (as it should be). I doubt they'll even perform Flatline.
  7. The Sugababes are the last act of the festival so it'd be too late to see Sweet Female Attitude, but a shoutout would be cute.
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  8. Talk about saving the best until last.
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  9. Soul Sound gives me such summer festival vibes that I’d love for it to make an appearance, but I know the chances are about 0.5%.
  10. I would have liked to have heard the mature 1.0 doing a version of this in the MKS days but alas was not to be.
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  11. Am I right in thinking this is their first full set since 2013? Has it really been almost 9 years??
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  12. Earlier today I walked past a clothing store called Sugababy, which I thought was pretty funny... then two minutes later I walk into a restaurant and the In The Middle video is playing on TV

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  13. Let's be real half of the audience will be out of their face and won't know Flowers is a cover. It will be a great crowdpleaser.
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  14. Flowers will always be a moment, and a track I really enjoy from them (especially the live version). But they have so much of their own rich material that they can perform instead (in the middle, shape, about you now, one foot in, round round, and etc).

    I only want Flatline performed if it’s back on music streaming platforms. That way new and old fans can access it.

    Despite the songs they sing, it’s just so exciting that they’re back.
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  15. I really hope they don't do About You Now. Or any 3.0 material to be honest. It feels weird and there's no need for it, they have more than enough material already.
  16. I don't even think 3.0 were performing In The Middle from Catfights onward so I doubt 1.0 will be doing it.
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  17. To be fair, they also didn't do that many long shows after Catfights with how things were going. It's a shame that for a group whose strongest skill was live singing, they weren't extensively touring. Hopefully that is about to Change.
  18. The taste jumped out.
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  19. I’d rather “In The Middle” than “About You Now” honestly, but I can’t see Siobhan on it at all! It is 100% a single that wouldn’t exist in the timeline 1.0 stayed together.
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  20. kal


    Happy 60,000 posts of circular discussions in this thread.
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