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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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  2. Is Flatline back on streaming??!! The artists being the Sugababes??!!
  3. It is back!

  4. He


    Oh wow.

    And it’s not one of those fan uploads as podcasts or something?
  5. Yep it’s the actual song, copyright now belonging to Sugababes themselves rather than Polydor.
  6. Just in time!
  7. God how I have missed Flatline after a bit of a break.
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  8. AFEC7B7B-B4F2-4227-AC05-A8EE4A42B230.jpeg It’s just amazing to see Flatline rightfully under Sugababes. It makes everything feel official.

    Is the play count back at over 1 million or reset back to 0?
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  9. Amazing. Hopefully a sign of more music incoming.
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  10. So good they’ve managed to get Flatline registered as Sugababes. No MKS in sight and no Polydor.
  11. If they’ve managed to get the rights to Flatline then perhaps The Sacred Three could end up actually being released.
  12. Popjustice
  13. It will be such a moment when they perform it tomorrow. I'm so happy for everyone who's going.

    Back to 0 I'm afraid.
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  14. Ughhhhh all that work the fans did. At least it’s back.

    I hope the official Sugababes pages mention the return of flatline.
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  15. kal


    I can’t find it on the Bulgarian iTunes. Wanted to re-purchase it.
  16. Not on German Spotify…
  17. ADM


    Don't say it, no!

    I wonder if there'll be some 'news' from them over the weekend, or on stage tomorrow night.
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  18. Pretty sure this is a re-recording. And if so, they’ve done an incredible job.
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  19. Considering I’ve been hammering Flatline the last few weeks, the news that it is back on Spotify is truly magical.
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  20. Yes! My favourite "summer" song, and to be honest one of my favourite songs of all time. Get back in with Dev, girls, you know you want too!
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