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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. It’s not on Apple Music either.
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  2. Better get streaming it all day every day, girlies!
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  3. This makes sense then. Like how JoJo re-recorded her earlier tracks?
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  4. What gives you that impression?
  5. This is not a re-recording, it’s exactly the same as the 2013 version. All the vocal inflictions - down to the layering of the harmonies - and production details are 100% identical to the version we already know.
  6. I expected it to be released in the future as part of a compilation or something, but not in the form of the original 2013 single. This is like timeline-altering magic.
  7. kal


    Dare I think more might be on the way?

    I dare not.
  8. It sounds the same to me, and both finish same time as the apple version I bought years ago. The vocal runs are identical. It just sounds sharper and crisper.
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  9. No it is not,
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  10. I think if they had new music to launch they would have done already to take advantage of the New Music Friday playlists. Maybe another week. I imagine they'll give some interviews where they'll say more about their plans.
  11. “Flatline” is still such a brilliant song, fuck.
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  12. Yes. So happy it’s back - true popjustice.

    What an absolute tune - it just serves.
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  13. It feels like a full circle. Nice to have them back officially.
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  14. I think it's possibly a new master, some of the vocal tracks in the outro felt a little bit more separated to my ears. The track is pulling through to the original MKS upload, so it's using the same ISRC number as the 2013 MKS single, which shouldn't happen if it was a new recording.
  15. ADM


    Listening to Summer of '99 again and I love how in the chorus you can really hear all 3 in the 'harmony' (even though that probably is against the rules of a harmony?). It's probably because it wasn't mixed fully (I don't know music tech too much) but I love how it sounds!
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  16. If they release the Sacred Three album at the end of the summer to conclude the shows before announcing their own tour ….
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  17. The dream.
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  18. ADM


    I think that Metal Heart appearing on any of the setlist will be a sign. If it does, there could be signs that we're getting some of the material, or else it's just a once off. If they don't end up performing it that's even more telling.. where is it going and what does come after it (and then before) if it's not on the setlist?
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  19. Mutya's tweet
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  20. I like how they have chosen to reivindicate the MKS era. They included 2013 photos in the One Touch booklet, and now Flatline sits officially among the rest of Sugababes singles, and it will be played in their concerts.

    It's like they wanted to heal the frustration we have all suffered in the last decade before moving on into new releases.
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