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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I am so fucking excited for Mighty Hoopla. Lost my voice at Two Brewers last night and rolled my ankle but I will NOT surrender. Make sure you say hi if you see me today! I will most likely be slutting around with @kal!

  2. Oh, oh, it’s happening!
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  3. Listening to Flatline like it’s a brand new song. It still sounds like a new song too.
  4. kal


    Seems like she took it down.
  5. To those attending Hoopla, I wish you a very awesome time and celebration there!
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  6. The thought of them releasing new music makes me so happy.
  7. I‘m probably one of the very few, if not the only one but I don‘t really understand all the hype when it comes to Flatline, I‘ve recently listend back to the other songs, someone uploaded them as a compilation and there are many that I‘ve heard for the very first time.

    Fall From Grace, Victory & Up In Flames are absolute standouts for me and I think there far more better songs than Flatine. If I jad to choose between the song and music video, I’d definitely go for the song, the video was just bad. But hey that‘s just my opinion.
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  8. Hope everyone attending has an absolute ball. Can’t wait for the videos x
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  9. I’m so sad that I’ve taken ill and can’t see the girls tonight.
  10. The thing about "Flatline" is that it manages to exist in contradiction so beautifully. I've seldom heard a song like it.

    It somehow summons a breath-supported breathlessness. It retains the laidback, mid-tempo quality that is so Sugababes, and yet has a cinematic propulsion. It's lyrically specific, and yet abstract. It feels structured, yet off-the-cuff. It's rhythmically and harmonically precise, yet conjures an atmosphere that swirls around. It has moments of expectation, and just as many surprises.

    And the song plays to the strengths of each woman so well. Siobhán's melodic approach is always so interesting because she tends to invert the direction of where most would take a line, whereas Keisha tugs against that with a more punching conventional approach — and both have just as much conviction. Mutya has this alluring serpentine quality that dances about both of them, and then when they harmonize, they resonate into what I believe scientists call "a supernova".

    The thing with the other songs mentioned is that they're far more template-based, and while that's sometimes comforting to know where a song would go with an established mood and construction — like sometimes it's just nice to have something be direct and not as challenging — "Flatline" throws you into an establishing shot, and doesn't want to let you go. It demands something of the listener.

    I always find the sparkles from the guitar at the end to be rightfully disorienting, just as much as they are dazzling, because the dynamics of the song are so intense that you are suddenly being dropped off from the ride.
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  11. Yeah there is something very atypical about the melody and progression of Flatline that makes me play it on repeat for an hour and not get tired of it.
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  12. On the off chance.. Does anyone know any insta accounts or anything that will be live for it?
  13. Anyone attending better go off for Siobhan's bit on Stronger. It's a tradition.
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  14. The technicians rolling out Barstools on the stage in preparation for the set. I'm just so ecstatic for all this.
  15. Everbody that‘s going, enjoy yourselves tonight!
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  16. Oooh whitney has posted content creators ok her IG story. Looks like we will be getting some good quality footage
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  17. There’ll be a short clip on the Mighty Hoopla Instagram but that’ll be it.
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  18. I’m sitting at home and yet this all is fucking exciting!!
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