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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Round round

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  2. The fact that “Flatline” just perfectly comfortably sits next to their Number 1s. Legendaric!
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  3. I do love seeing Shiv perform Round Round, it's like living in a parallel universe.
  4. They did About you Now!
  5. So incredibly jealous of everyone there - announce those tour dates girls!!
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  6. Omg Siobhán doing round round with mic routine and all….. my heart!

    Compared to the MKS tour you can tell they’ve all had a choreographer come in. They all move so smoothly now…rock it girls!!!!!
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  7. What a set list!

  8. The choreography looks so good
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  10. I need to see a clip of about you now
  11. From someone's tweet it sounds like they only did 1 verse from About You Now (he wasn't happy). So it was probably done as an encore and then ending with Freak!
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  12. Gagged at About You Now
  13. The setlist was:

    Push The Button
    Hole In The Head
    Too Lost In You
    Run For Cover
    Caught In A Moment
    Round Round
    About You Now
    Freak Like Me

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  14. Did they do the MNEK Remix of Run For Cover? The biggest surprise to me is "Today" and "Caught In A Moment".
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  15. Seeing that they performed Today is all I need to hold onto the hope it will one day get an official release for another 9 years.

  16. They sound amazing.
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  18. Omfg so happy they did About you now. Even though it was short, people were gutted apparently cause it was short as they wanted more. Reading tweets that Siobháns high tones and Mutya’s warm tones made the song.

    Can’t wait to get more of it at their next shows.
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  19. Really good setlist and im happy that they did Today and About you now (even if its just a bit). Too bad they didnt do more One Touch stuff other than the usual Overload and Run for cover but hey its a festival and it was a nice set of hits plus few surprises. Hoping for some decent quality videos.
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