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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Hard agree. Their set looked bonkers. The musical direction is ace.
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  2. Siobhan singing “my sexy ass has got him in a new dimension”! I didn’t know I needed it, now I won’t be able to live without it.
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  3. From the bobbing around on stage and side steps in the past, the girls dancing was on on point. Simple and yet effective, and they oozed such confidence. Just wow!
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  4. kal


    Hmm.. maybe my next European trip should be to Ireland in July.

    Edit: never mind, I’m not going to Westlife.
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  5. So I was kind of annoyed they did About You Now nn as there were some really obnoxious people around me chanting for it for most of the set, but I did love hearing Keisha sing her verse live.

    What was great, other than the joy of seeing them live (and singing Flatline!) was my Sugababes-sceptic friends coming out of the gig amazed at how good they were vocally. We love proselytizing!
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  6. Whoever thought of Mutya opening up push the button, and Siobhán doing second verse, is s fucking genius. It just works and stops the unnecessary comparisons.
  7. Seems to happen quite frequently.

    "Oh, just another pop group with so-so voices and good studio techs."

    Few live songs later... Mind blown.
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  8. um, Glastonbury a thing for them?
  9. They were FABULOUS!! It's so good to see them perform again after all this time. It would be amazing if they continue but I won't get my hopes up. Hearing "Today" again was WONDERFUL. I adore it. It stands up with all of their other material.

    I wonder if you were near me because I had that also. I felt it was telling that Siobhan and Mutya didn't cover Amelle or Heidi's verses. I'm glad they did it for the fans though (even though it's far from my favourite).

    The only frustrating thing about MH growing so big is more obnoxious people pushing and shoving others out the way. However, NOTHING was going to ruin tonight for me. They killed it!
  10. They look so at home on a big stage. They own it way more than I thought they would. Siobhan is feeling herself during Heidi’s verse of Hole In The Head. About You Now getting trotted out after all our disagreements about it on here and they sounded incredible on it…

    I may be drunk but I’m watching these videos and I’m shook! These girls are just so special!
  11. Come to Westlife, I’ll be there!
  12. *ignores “About You Now”* OMG THEY DID “Round Round” and with the choreography, ahhh!!!!

    I would’ve gone to jail trying to get that setlist ddd
    Sis, I still don’t but I’m happy for you.
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  13. Thanks for being happy for me. I am stoked!!!

    To think we still have so many more shows to go….I can’t wait!
  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I was living for the callbacks to the Run for Cover and Round Round routines, especially Siobhan during the Run for Cover middle 8!
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  15. They looked fantastic, as always and sounded great from the clips I’ve seen! They did a very smart set list that ticked off all the boxes and showed a good variety of what they can do.

    Even though we didn’t get the full song, I’m glad they gave us some of About You Now. That is a big hit for the Sugababes and considering what Keisha went through, I’m glad she’s able to reclaim that song and the success of it.

    I’m staying positive so I know we will have more from these girls after these dates. Talent will prevail this time! I’m only manifesting positivity after all the delay trauma we’ve been through!
  16. Fuck this is making me emotional. I got into Sugababes right as the MKS rebrand was unveiled, and "Today" stuck on me like very few songs do. I can't count how many times I've replayed those MKS performances and its low quality studio leak for the past decade. It feels so weird to hear them not only acknowledge it... but even perform it again? Which in turn confirms this is finally going to see the light of day? That was really unexpected. We don't deserve them!

    Honestly, this song still has one of their best hooks ever. With its 2-step garage vibes, which never seem to go out of style, it also benefits from sounding timeless. I hope its inclusion in the set means they're going to make it the single it deserved to be back in 2014.

    edit: And now I'm so greedy I want to hear them perform "No Regrets", "Light Up", and many other songs from that lost era!
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  17. I just woke up, my throat is sore and my voice is 100% gone (i still have no hair) but I'm just so happy and lucky and grateful to have witnessed this. It was truly magical!

    I can't even collect my thoughts on it yet and I look forward to review some of the videos I took, but what was the most special to me (beside the harmonies, beside the songs, the show - all of it basically) was these three women and witnessing them interacting on stage with each other. Them giving each other looks, smiling at each other; it was so heartwarming. At least two times Keisha gave Mutya hand signals to give her hints which choreography was next and when the next formation change was about to happen. That was so sweet and funny to me and I'm getting emotional right now about this gig all over again.

    Here's some pictures I took. Song titles added from my memory.
    Push the Button

    Overload (duh)

    Too Lost in You

    Caught in a Moment
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  18. Love seeing some of these videos and they sound really good. I've seen lots of really positive comments on social media too, aside from one person complaining that most of these songs were with Heidi and he wants a 2.0 reunion...

    Here's hoping the ladies put together their own show in the near future (maybe with The 411 as support act?)
  19. They all look and sound so good! So proud to be a fan right now, I hope they will have their own tour.

    So if Today was going to be the second single in 2013…maybe there are starting again from there? I can only hope!
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