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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Can we talk for a moment how flawless (not only) Keisha looked? Like a true star she is indeed.
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  2. “a difinition of a popstar”
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  3. Surely a tour announcement can’t be too far off??
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  4. I’ve only watched a few clips so far, omg the girls look flawless and that production, wow. Stunning.

    Not going to lie, the intro got me this morning. I really hope this is the start of something.
  5. The big stage is so them, and they look perfect up there. It’s time for them to have a mega huge tour soon I say. So far they have been doing everything right.
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  6. Jessie, I-
    giphy (1).gif
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  7. Why....did they cut off Jade?
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  8. The fact that Overload is playing in the background.
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  9. If they end up supporting the UK dates (please God), better believe I'm going and leaving before Westlife.
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  10. Flatline live was everything I needed and more. I sang every word and annoyed every person and I do not care.
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  11. The arrangement of the songs was top notch. Like honestly, really really really incredible!
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  12. Still heartbroken over this. We need a Scottish date!
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  13. Loved reading the last few pages, glad it all went so well.

    I was lucky enough to see Sugababes back in the day but I’d love to go to a tour again. Maybe after their festival dates are finished in August they’ll announce one.
  14. K94


    The way 'Today' and 'Flatline' are almost a decade old and could easily be released next week. Sounds like talent to me!
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  15. I wonder if the other dates will be the same setlist or some changes? I would love if they performed “Summer of 99”.
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  16. Looks like they plan on using Metal Heart and whatever comes after it for something else then (if not for another setlist of another gig).
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  17. It sounded really great. The whole package is top notch. Love the live band setting, their vocals and how comfortable they seem with the choreography. And props to their styling as well, they look super cool and each with a distinctive image that complements the others.

    So much to comment from the seems like Overload got a great reaction, and Flatline and Today sounded great. Also it's amazing how well does Flowers fit in with the rest of singles.

    Off-topic, I'm happy to see that Flatline has retained its original play count on Spotify!
  18. I screamed my head off when I realised they were playing Today. I've played it so many times at so many parties to the point that my friend who I was with knew every word. A moment.
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  19. I really hope they see the love they got from this and do a full scale tour.
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