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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. The side hair flip to Round Round is fierce!!!!
  2. Okay but I need that Siobhán’s Balenciaga blazer.
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  3. Hahaha genius!
  4. Would Mutya ever agree to sing “Red Dress” again? That’s the question!

    I’m partial to a bit of “Angels With Dirty Faces” (although I’m sure Keisha relegated it to a b-side somewhere) and “New Year” (justice for “Follow Me Home” too).

    Not sure we could expect much more! Well apart from a special one off show where they perform “One Touch” in full + an encore of hits.
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  5. I always thought that Keisha would reserve About You Now for herself if they ever do a solo section. It's not far from what they did here, really.
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  6. The rush that the performance of 'About You Now' is giving me. Fuck, I need them to go on tour and not to forget Ireland when touring (Belfast or Dublin will do)
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  7. I feel confident eventually they will do red dress, and in the middle. You could tell how much they enjoyed performing about you now together, and have no doubt they will also make the other songs their own (liking them in the process).

    New music is so coming guys ……you’ll see!
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  8. I would love to hear Mutya’s take (on the verses)… What an exciting time to be alive.
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  9. Yeah as much as I love them, they do have some terrible singles. I won't hear slander against Freedom, though.
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  10. Updated AC3C005E-40CC-4BF9-94D3-5BD8580D51EB.jpeg
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  11. OK but Whatever Makes You Happy would go OFF....
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  12. Echoing everyone’s sentiment here. They were incredible - the set list, the vocals, the band, the production, all top notch and the audience ate them up. I will upload and share my camera videos this week.

    Here’s the acapella outro of About You Now:

  13. All due respect to whoever made this, but this image is so childish.
  14. Still in a bit of a daze after last night.

    I’m kind of in awe on a personal level at how three people who haven’t done this for several years (and nothing on this scale in this lineup ever??) were able to be THAT good on their first try back. I shouldn’t be surprised at world-class talents being talented though, of course.

    They outdid themselves and it was incredible to witness.

    Happy for Siobhan especially. Give her her DJ Spoony flowers.
  15. Fingers crossed this inspires them to push ahead with a new album campaign. Keisha looks amazing!
  16. I'm surprised the three sang on About You Now but I'm glad for Keisha, I'm sure it was a mixed feelings moment for her.
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  17. Push The Button, Freak Like Me and About You Now are probably the songs that are not just big Sugababes hits but are just big hits in general. It’s lovely that About You Now gets its time to shine again.
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  18. What a fucking night. One of the best gigs of my life.

    I first came across the ’Babes when I was like 8 years old and was obsessed with Round Round through Singstar. I would always pick that track and remember finding the song and the video just utterly enthralling. What a fucking bop sung by these intriguing and kinda strange women. It was so vastly different to the Steps and the S Club 7 that I was used to. I harboured a secret love for them for years, buying my Mum their CDs after she showed a vague interest in them just so I could have them in the house. When they reunited as MKS, I quite literally came out the closet for them so I could see them at Brighton Pride, because I thought well if I’m gonna go to a Brighton Pride I may as well come out the bloody closet then. I saw the MKS tour in the October of my first year at Uni, the first gig I went to with friends and without my parents and as my authentic gay self and when I finally felt happy. What a simple and powerful joy to finally love the music I had always loved outwardly and unabashedly, and it was Sugababes that were there to experience this joy alongside me. The love I harbour for these girls is astronomical.

    So, the gig. It was honestly fucking crazy. Seeing them headline a massive London festival with 40,000 people screaming along to every word on a gorj summers night is exactly how Sugababes deserve to perform every time. The girls slipped back into performance mode so fucking professionally - you can tell Mutya and Keisha can do this with their eyes closed. God bless Siobhan she did amazing but you could see she maybe had a touch of nerves. In fairness, might this be the biggest crowd Siobhan Donaghy has ever performed to? I know Mutya and Keisha have had some big gigs in their time, but maybe someone else knows whether 1.0 ever did anything of this size? The vocals were amazing across the board - Siobhan sounded so at home on so many of the tracks, and it’s always cute the cheers she gets when she’s singing one of the parts that wasn’t originally hers. I hope she felt the love. But Keisha was the vocal star I think. Her power to absolutely devour an ad-lib like a Thanksgiving dinner is unmatched. She literally ate, to rapturous applause everytime. She just knows how to get the gays going and how to get the job done!

    And what a fucking back catalogue. It was hit after damn hit. I was gasping for breath after the opening trifecta of Push / Overload / Hole, like wow. And About You Now was an absolute scream. Honestly I respect it. Do your fucking thing girls and know your audience. After all these years you’ve earned the right to sing whatever you wanna fucking sing. An absolutely mammoth song that was a joy to hear sung by 40,000 people. And the band made it sound like it fit alongside all of their other hits. And Today ! I screamed! The people around me where asking what it was and I was screaming along to every word. Is it unrealistic of me to assume they’ve got the album back? What would be the point of reviving it if not for its eventual release? The only track that I felt was missing was Ugly. She would have fit perfectly after Caught In A Moment, and surely would have gone down a storm.

    Also, the budget for my three mums! I was kinda just expecting them to be on the stage with not much else, but the band and the lights and the set …. it was giving cash. Someone has injected cash into the Sugababes machine and I am delighted to see it.

    But yes, what a fucking show. I love these three women so much, and I really hope this kick-starts their resurgence.

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  19. Why do people want them to perform In the Middle so badly?
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  20. Good to see they've reminded the world what a brilliant group they are. A full return, complete with new album is a must now, surely?!
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