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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. The fans would lap it up, I think the public would be ambivalent at best.
  2. But why would they release it only on streaming/digital and label it as a "lost album"?
    Siobhan said many times that they think this is some of their best material ever (and they are right). The fact that they brought back Today is another sign that they are still fond of the MKS tracks. I don't know how many new tracks they recorded in 2019/early 2020 before Covid, but I think they still intend to release the MKS tracks as an official and full album and rightly so, even more now they could release it under "Sugababes"! Plus I think they know their core fanbase is a "physical" fanbase, so I'm sure they would release as many versions as possible
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  3. If only fans would stop pushing and rushing them to release something for the sake of it. They’re back and that’s what we have wanted for years. New Music will follow, and we got to trust the plan. It’s all worth it! I’m not fussed on new music at all, weird I know, but just so loving seeing them together and performing. I still can’t believe that we already had a big gig, and have more to follow.

    The girls won’t let us down.
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  4. I was lucky enough to be there and they looked and sounded stunning! I even got to speak to Siobhan before hand which was amazing. They did Overload, Too Lost In You, Push The Button, Flowers and Freak like Me.

    Everyone was pretty surprised there was no About You Now as to the casual fans there, it was one of their most known hits.
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  5. Wow thanks for the Info. I hope you had an amazing time.
  6. Me for the entire Hoopla set.
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  7. I mean, I don't think 'rushing' is a word anyone could ever associate with the Sugababes.
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  8. I think maybe they should release a double album - one with the MKS versions of their Greatest Hits (reworked or even acoustic) and the other with new material already recorded. Remind the general public of their legacy and give a glimpse into the future before they line up a brand new campaign. It would be a real travesty if much of the material already recorded languished in the vaults. And on the other hand it would be great to have versions of the hits with Siobhan.
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  9. kal


    All this talk about what they should release with re-recordings of old material and the MKS tracks…

    Meanwhile I’m here like - we’ll be lucky if we get an EP in 2025 and I will LOVE it.
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  10. I feel like the One Touch re-release was kinda like their Greatest Hits. New material next please!
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  11. Yeah we just got One Touch for the nostalgia trip. I wouldnt mind greatest hits rerecorded but maybe not right now, not right away. We have several options, MKS recording release, new material release, new mixed with MKS recordings... Either way im fine with anything but for now id prefer some new music, greatest hits can wait for lets say their 25th annivesary in 3 years.
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  12. It would exceed my expectations by a mile if they would do something like another acoustic session for Youtube this year. I'd be ecstatic.
  13. I wonder if there would be any barriers to them actually releasing a rerecorded Greatest Hits. I know 3.0 basically did the same thing but chose to go with the original songs in the end (they probably didn't sound very good...). I'm led to believe Heidi/Amelle haven't been particularly agreeable to everything behind the scenes, though.

    In fact, I wonder if they could do a Taylor with it and get Crown/Island off their back once and for all.
  14. You can technically cover anything you want so there's nothing that would prevent them re-recording and releasing a Greatest Hits (Sugababes' Version). JoJo re-recorded both of her first albums so she could get them on streaming after Blackground refused to.
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  15. I mean it depends on your concept of re-recording. 3.0 had the advantage of being on the same label that released the 2.0 songs, so they probably used the same instrumentation like they did re-recording the Taller tracks. If MKS did something like that I imagine it would be with a new production. Which is not uncommon nowadays. Take That and Robbie Williams are two recent examples.

    I just don't see them doing that yet. Maybe after they have released their first new album, when they celebrate the next anniversary.
  16. Yeah I'm not really here for a Greatest Hits. For a start, we've waited far too long already for new material. And I know I may get jumped on for this, but I kind of feel like rerecording 2.0/3.0 tracks would be a bit disrespectful to Heidi and Amelle. The original line-up have publicly acknowledged Heidi's contribution over the years (not so sure about Amelle) so erasing them doesn't necessarily seem like something they'd want to do either?
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  17. I don't "need" the hits rerecorded if it got in the way of new material (inc. MKS era stuff) but I also would love to hear what it would sound like.
  18. Definitely not jumping on you, but I feel it's no more disrespectful than Amelle re-recording Red Dress, Gotta Be You, Follow Me Home or Jade re-recording Get Sexy for example.
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  19. upload_2022-6-10_12-49-40.jpeg
  20. That particular future never even arrived.
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