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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. They should just focus on the next chapter of Sugababes now and release new original music. Maybe in 5-10 years time it may work better if they decided to do a singles collection type of release.
  2. Totally agree. I don’t think there would be any appetite for a Greatest Hits album anyways.

    They need to re-establish themselves, push some new material and the world will be their oyster
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  3. Oh I completely agree. I understand Red Dress to an extent as they wanted to use it as a single after Mutya left, but none of it has ever really sat comfortably with me. It's amazing to hear Siobhan's live take on the hits but I don't see the need for rerecordings.
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  4. Just wish they would confirm if anything/something is coming!
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  5. As for rerecording...i can see why its a delicate topic but at the same time i've never seen any issue with it myself. Its like with covers. You choose which one you like better, the original or the cover. As a semi complicated example there's Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. The original song was written by Avril Lavigne but she didnt want it so the track went to Kelly Clarkson and became a hit, now it was rerecorded by Avril...and honestly? I think both are fantastic

    Now Sugababes and their troublesome history is a different pair of shoes but personally i dont think there's a bad blood between the girls anymore (at least i hope so), so releasing a greatest hits with rerecorded songs shouldnt be seen as disrespectful. But there's even a solution to that too. Do a double CD including original songs and rerecordings, that way you can avoid unnecessary comments.

    Also re Taller and Sweet 7 rerecordings: keep in mind that in both cases lineup changes happened in the middle of promo campigns and the girls were bound by contracts, promo deals, label, management. Those rerecordings also werent disrespectful in any way and most likely werent decided by 3.0 and 4.0 themselves
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  6. Leaving in the middle of an album campaign is kind of disrespectful to one’s band mates if we’re being honest. (I mean more a Siobhan and Mutya who chose to leave mid-campaign [for understandable reasons] than Keisha.)

    Thanks for sharing the Avril recording. I knew she had passed on the track, but didn’t know she later released a version.
  7. I mean they would not pretend that the new versions are the famous ones. They would have a different instrumentation. No one can erase the past and pretend people didn't listen to those songs the way they were.

    It's not like they are going to take a successful single, replace the vocals, add a "DO NOT USE" label to the original and delete it from all playlists. No one could be so petty...

    I think when revisiting the band's history we have to look at it with 2022 eyes and realize of the abuse and mental health issues they were suffering at the time. Siobhan had a deep depression from herself and from being pitted against M and K by their own team. She was also being pushed to go solo and ditch the group so not even that idea can be attributed entirely to her.

    For the part of Mutya she was taken back to work shortly after giving birth and going through post-partum depression. Look at the contrast with Little Mix. Crown and Island should have planned the Taller promotion ahead and then give the girls a break, releasing the GH in the meantime. History could have been so different if they had treated them with respect.
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  8. I don’t think anyone leaves in the middle of an album campaign unless they can’t stand one more day.
  9. I agree, particularly with Mutya. I don't think any care was given to her age and the fact that she was a new mother constantly on the go due to the band. I completely understand why she left when she did. Like you said, I do wish the label had taken her well being into account.
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  10. All the members have my sympathy. I just mean that re-recording some tracks to try to salvage a campaign and avoid being dropped is no bigger a disrespect than being left holding the bag.
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  11. Apologies if already posted, but Ticketmaster have a sign up available for pre-sale to future Sugababes shows.

    I hope this is an indication that a tour is in the planning.
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  12. kal


    I am THERE for whenever they decide to tour. See you all at multiple dates. x
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  13. kal


    Speaking of stunning…

  14. They all look great. The diagonals on Siobhan’s blouse remind me of something she wore during the promotion of One Touch.
  15. I can't quite believe how young they all were. Siobhan was 16, Mutya was 19 and Keisha was in her early twenties. I was/am pretty much a complete hot mess at each of those ages - I can't imagine how being a popstar and in a girlband could amplify those issues. Greater care for them should have been taken. Mutya recalling a story about shooting the Push The Button video weeks after giving birth and going on an extremely intense diet just makes feel so sad, I often wander how different things could've been if Mutya was given a break during the Taller era and Heidi and Keisha promoted it solo. With Siobhan I think she geiunaly couldn't handle another day in the band, especially with the whsipers from higher up's we now know were happening - and I suspect we'll never know the full Keisha story unless she tells it herself. I'm just lucky they are performing together again and managed to patch things up in spite of all the shite thrown against them.
  16. Touring a new album perhaps????
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  17. I’m having a bit of a moment this morning with the acoustic part the girls did of About You Now. What a beautiful 20 seconds.

    One thing I am absolutely loving at the moment is how of a Suga-stan much Mutya is - I’ve always loved her but she seems to be exactly where she wants to be and it’s so lovely.
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  18. Hi everybody,
    just a weekly reminder that one of the very best efforts from the girls is finally back up for streaming after a few years. And under the Sugababes name too! Stream it once, stream it twice.

    Thank you,
    Lapras x

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