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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. To get people who would be interested in seeing them to go and see them.
  2. They look gorgeous

    wonder is this morning a pre recorded segment if they’re doing all their press today

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  3. It would cost money if they didn't own the master to the original recording, but if they do own it, or they've rerecorded it, then hey.

    How. How are they 100% radiant at all times. How.
  4. A tour would be great of course but please not another “watch this space” answer re new material. Give us something. I’ll take a crumb.
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  5. Yeah my expectations are very low for this and fully expect it to just be a "we're back together" cute spread of press just to re-establish themselves.
  6. It’s got to be a tour, right? The universal hype that their Hoopla performance has shown, and the fact they have Glastonbury this weekend.. it would make perfect sense to announce their own tour. I’ll be there.

    (and release Today)
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  7. I love them to death so this isn't shady in any way, but I very much doubt they're expecting hits at this stage in their career. So in effect, any single they put out is going to be a buzz single. I'm guessing they just want to time things right in terms of the overall plan (please God let there be an overall plan), but if they're allowed to use the Sacred Three tracks they absolutely should...soon.
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  8. I really, really hope it‘s gonna be a performance on This Morning, even if it‘s just Overload or a little mashup/medley of the hits, it would be a clever move, I mean how many thousands and thousands of people are watching the show..

    I‘d love to see it but it‘s not going to happen, lets face it it‘s gonna be one of those boring & needless interviews like their last appearance on This Morning with pretty bad interviewing, I hope it‘s gonna be Holly & Phil or Alison & Dermot this time, well at least we‘re going to see them together again but still would be nice seeing them perform on TV after all these years. Oh and how big are the chances that they‘re going to announce another tour in some kind of form?
  9. Eamonn Holmes isn't part of This Morning anymore, thankfully. It should be Holly & Phil tomorrow morning.
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  10. Keeping expectations low but I’d love a performance and an album announcement with a date for when it drops. Plz universe do your thing
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  11. I‘d really like to know does any of you who has been a fan from the first hour, know if they ever performed with Siobhan on This Morning or GMTV back in the day?
  12. As far as I remember, no. They mainly did TOTP, Popworld... They were on The Priory and I *think* the Pepsi Chart Show, or whatever the predecessor to that was.
  13. Yeah I know of those but there were so many other music programmes around at that time there must have been others/more that they‘ve done.
  14. Tfi Friday and t4 and SMTV

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  15. Yeah I‘ve uploaded the TFI & SMTV ones and some others on my channel, very sweet, early performance of theirs. There was also a short lived programmed Smash Hits TV where they’ve performed on and the TV Hits Awards, don‘t know if they been featured on that though.
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  16. This is all very exciting for us fans. At this stage, I’m expecting 0 to avoid being disappointed.

    It’s going to be a moment to see them together as a trio.

    Fingers crossed for news we want to hear.
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  17. I hope they announce a new single or album but I’m expecting it just to be about them talking about these festivals they are performing at. Then they will just say they are working on new music as usual.
  18. Does that mean they no longer have It links to a GoDaddy page at the moment
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  19. Looks like it. Their official instagram page directs you to ticketmaster too - surely a tour announcement is imminent?
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