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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Great news but it all falls around the 2 weddings I have in October, so I'll have to pass sadly. Thank God for Hoopla!
  2. Glad to see they've announced a tour. Will definitely get tickets for their Manchester show. Although, when I've asked a friends to join, they're shocked at the price. I definitely think £47 is a little steep. 2.0 yes, seeing as that's who the general public are most familiar with. 1.0, should be around £30 max.
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  3. Yes my friends from Manchester guessed 30 per ticket and said they’re willing to be go up to 40. But since they accommodate me I’ll just add the missing 7 plus the 372 Ticketmaster surely will add as fees.
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  4. Goddesses

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  5. I hope we'll be reading those interviews soon.
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  6. [​IMG]

    This is just too powerful.
  7. The coolest band in the country.
  8. I’m on my plane back to Sydney right now and currently planning my trip back in October. We are being FED girls! I want to see all of you at whatever show we may be going together. This is amazing news. The girls are hyped and fully loaded to go. It’s time!
  9. I'm hoping the tour is a great success and they do a full festival circuit both around the UK and Europe next year to coincide with their 25th anniversary.
  10. Whoever wrote this is one of us.

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  11. kal


    Is this the first time where the Sacred Three album is referred to as scrapped? I’m not ready to accept that.
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  12. It's strange but tweets about them from people in the media get constantly deleted since yesterday. Can you tell me what the tweet said?
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  13. Ticketmaster presale is the 27th (I think?). General presale is the 29th.
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  14. It was just this photo of the girls.

  15. kal


    Their management is apparently asking people to take down certain photos. That’s why tweets & insta posts are disappearing.
  16. Why would that be the case?
  17. Not multiple friends messaging me saying they want to see them on tour. This definitely wasn't the case in 2013 ddd.
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  18. Yesterday I thought they just want to save everything for today to create some buzz. But now it's just strange...
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  19. I have seen them in 2013 at Scala which was legendary. I thought I'd be cool this time, skipping Hoopla and all. But now this headline tour got me extremely excited again. It feels so right. So so so right.
  20. I presume they will be just touring the hits and not a new album?

    also why would they be taking down YouTube links if the mks album is now scrapped?
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