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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. kal


    I couldn’t tell you. I’ve just heard from someone who was asked to remove a photo.
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  2. I wouldn't worry about the MKS album. I doubt this guy knows more then we do and I think he was just assuming.
    Seems like this tour will mainly be the hits though.
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  3. I’m pretty sure now we’ll get some “Sacred Three” surprises at the tour. I mean who’d guess we can get a “Today” performance in 2022 before Hoopla.
  4. Today surviving all of this is #popjustice. What a masterpiece that is.
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  5. This is just so incredible and obviously it had to be planned in advance for a while now so i suppose they need to have a bigger plan if they're starting on such a strong note. Part of me hopes they need to have some new single/album or even just greatest hits ready to go in upcoming months since tours are used as a form of promotion. But im not going to hold on to possibly false hopes. Just summer festival dates were huge. This is beyond what we could've hoped for.
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  7. Does anyone know why the Scottish dates aren’t showing on Ticketmaster?
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  8. Considering the size of the venues and the emphasis on this being 'the first Sugababes tour in 20 years', I think we can assume it will be hit heavy. But these girls didn't fight for a decade just to do a quick cash in as a legacy act. I feel confident, especially after Hoopla, that there'll be at least a couple of 'new' songs.
  9. Could it be that they recorded something for a BBC Radio show? There is a music stand behind Mutya. Please tell me we'll get a acoustic live performance tomorrow!! PLEASE!!!!

    EDIT: and it says "live lounge" on the screen behind Mutya. OMG, this has been my dream for years. Hopefully this is happening and we'll get a few songs and a cover.
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  10. It is always interesting when they mention how young they are. If you think about it they were all around the same age as Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne when they released Flatline.
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  11. Well Live Lounge wasn't playing that date and time so it must be the room.

    It could just be that they took the picture there after an interview but I would LOVE for them to do a Live Lounge slot. Especially to remind everyone that above all else the Sugababes are amazing singers.
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  12. They were MADE for a live lounge performance.
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Maybe she’ll dedicate it to us!
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  14. It's really crazy that they all played Glastonbury in 2003 and now they get to do it again, this time together. It was meant to be!
  15. Hooooooly crap. Please let there be some Sacred Three tracks, or new music teased during these shows. We need the carrot on the string, ladies!
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  16. "Focus right now is on the upcoming tour with the group saying they can't currently find time to head into the studio to make new music."

    That's pretty much what I expected since there wasn't a single indicator that they've been back in the studio. That they didn't even talk about plans to start resume recording is a bit of a bummer though. At least we have a clear answer.

    EDIT: It's so interesting what they said about the obstacles that got thrown in their way and how this made it hard to stay motivated. The last decade must have been so frustrating for them as well. It speaks for them and their bond that they're still together. I think it's easy to stay together when you celebrate one success after the other. This wasn't the case for them and we are so lucky that they haven't given up despite the many reasons they had to do so.

    EDIT 2: Mutya's and Siobhan's faces when Keisha said: "We stuck together!":
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  17. I hope they at least somehow put the old tracks out there. It'd be the ultimate win for them regardless of the leaks.
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  18. I really hope they do consider to at least release one single to support the tour.
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