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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Not the hettys being as lit for the Sugababes as the gays. I'm a bit annoyed?

    [Edit] MORE lit?! Livid.
  2. Hope this gives them a confidence boost for new music. So happy to see all the love for them on Twitter
  3. I was reading all the comments in other places leading up to Glastonbury. It was a lot of moaning about the sugababes, being a pop act, and why they are performing there. As well a lot of “who would wanna see them”.

    I hope they’re all eating their words cause the girls shut down their area, and clearly everyone is in their tent / or trying………. F66E2B02-A602-46E5-81FF-34FA8345AF58.gif
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  4. Chills!

    I always felt Sugababes had more casuals outside the core fanbase than most girlbands. The tour might not be as ambitious as we think. The atmosphere tonight looks incredible. They must be delighted.
  5. That is fantastic promo for them. It's going to draw so much attention from the industry and the media.

    I can't wait to see them performing Flatline there.

  6. They look amazing! Such a shame that this isn't broadcasted.
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  7. This festival slots serving as promo for the tour which will be promo for new music. It’s a good hypothetical formula right?
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  8. That all sounds, hypothetically, like a very very good idea.
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  9. Today.

    HOWEVER, if this is how excited GP get for new stuff?!
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  10. Keisha has been 10/10 with her performance outfits. Girl is looking like a pop star Queen!
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  11. The crowd are buzzing

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  12. Are you sure?
  13. This is just amazing to see. Seeing them get the love they so deserve is everything.
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  14. @Blayke, @dell321 and everyone else..
    Thank you for your encouragement guys, I really appreciate it, I really do.

    Well some of you might remember me from the good old days of the S:UK forums Hi to @kal I‘ve been a massive fan for years and years and have been an active member there and supporter of the girls under a different name. I‘ve gone more quiet in recent years and got kind of blacklisted by fellow fans for having an opinion wich wasn‘t always that popular or just expressing myself but never in a bad way really, I was just being myself.

    The thought of traveling to the UK and experiencing the Babes, seeing and hearing the perform live would be just great, meeting some of you guys and going for a cocktail or two and have a good talk is another reason I‘d like to do this trip. My memories of being in London are far from nice & happy.. I‘ve been to Wembley with one of my best friends, we went to see the Spice Girls, it was just surreal and super overwhelming, I‘m not suffering from anxiety as much as I know, maybe I just don‘t find the right words for it and it‘s probably also not the right thread and time to discuss this, it‘s just this super overwhelming feeling I get when there are enormous masses of people and I start feeling bad about myself etc.

    I haven‘t seen nor spoken to that friend whom I known for 11 years since our visit there.
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  15. I’m hoping the crowd soaks up Flatline, and assumes that is their new song.

    Flatline next few weeks I hope:

  16. This is such a joy to witness. I hope it gives them all a massive confidence boost. I’ve seen one too many anti-Siobhan tweets this week, and I really hope she hasn’t seen any of them.
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