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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. It would certainly be a way to stealthily get "Today" released, if as a live recording.

  2. I would prefer a studio album of the tour arrangements. They already have the stems, it seems.

  3. This era is just fabulous and shows how much they are loved. I mean the crowds that came to see them at Glasto is incredible.

    The girls all thriving and I’m totally here for it. Not going to lie, watching the intro to Push the Button at Glasto got me a bit emotional again.
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  5. At least in that Glastonbury interview they asked about new music.

    At this stage, if they don't have new music ready to go, they would probably benefit from putting out a live album or acoustic album / E.P. - something which wouldn't take too much effort or time to record and get out there.
  6. That's pricey for just 4 remixes...
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  7. Sure is, it’s been purchased though I’m not entirely convinced it’s real ha ha
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  8. The girls must feel overwhelmed by last night. I think it's all the most impressive because on a regular festival set you get a lot of casual fans in the audience, but for this it seemed like a lot of people went out of their way just to see them in particular.
  9. Rita was probably a Boo 2 understudy
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  10. I cried watching that video of Round Round?! The euphoria, release, and sense of connection in that sea of people, all for one of my favorite ever groups -- one that I was made to feel shamed for liking, no less. Whew!!
  11. Currently down on the farm and have to say, in all my years of Glastonbury, that was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. The crowd really made it. Everyone was roaring every single lyric. The field had to be closed off for safety, because the tent was spilling out so much. Icons.

    Everyone around me was gobsmacked at the vocals and the girls were all beaming throughout and seemed very moved and humbled by it all. Keisha in particular said “I was very scared to come out here because I thought, who’s gonna want to see us. But you’re not scary at all.” And off went a thunderous applause.


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  12. I keep saying it but Sugababes are responsible for some of the all time greatest mega-hits that this country has ever seen. It makes sense that everyone is going mad for them.
  13. It's so amazing that you got to experience this live. That no one expected it to be this "big" makes it all the more special.
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    That looks like a ridiculously small tent
  15. Was this not a massive missed opportunity to have them on the main stage? That actually looks overwhelmingly lovely for the girls. I know no one could've predicted the draw they'd have but this is extremely promising for their success as a live act going forward.
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  16. I'm very interested to see how ticket sales for the tour go after this reaction.
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  17. Gosh, ‘Today’ is such a brilliant song.
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