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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. After seeing the reception to their recent performances, seeing what a disaster the US has been this week, and the continuous reminding that half their discography remains unavailable to stream in this country, I’ve decided I’m going to aim to get tickets for their London show and see them live for the first time after over two decades of stanning.
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  2. I need to stop reading comments under their Sugababes related posts. It's honestly so disheartening and sometimes can ruin the joy for me.
    The video itself is brilliant of course!
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  3. kal


    I couldn’t agree more, but we can look at it from a marketing perspective - the more comments a post gets, the more engagement, and the more it will likely be served to other people by the algorithm.

    Siobhan wins either way.
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  4. I'm thinking of moving to Liverpool early next year and wouldn't mind seeing Sugababes in October as an excuse to get shit sorted out. Hmmm...
  5. I'm so happy seeing Round Round getting it's moment.

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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Seeing, supposedly, just a huge bunch of casuals singing along at the top of their lungs to random 00s pop gems feels like a (good) fever dream.
    I know that even back in the day the Sugababes were the kind of pop that was 'okay to like' and one of those acts that was always safe to play in my DJing days because they transcended genres but.. I've never quite witnessed things like in the video above where for a second it feels popjustice exists outside this forum?
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  8. I love that they are out there again, being talked about, noticed, remembered by people beyond the fan-base, and many of those songs are classics that would be remembered by the general public. Very tempted to get tickets for the tour as it's clear they put on a brilliant show. Hope it does well for them and leads to new material. It's about time.
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  9. What’s the deal with this weeks presale? When/where is it and do I need to have a code or sign up?
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  10. ugh, Rita though...
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  11. 42589507-A98D-4BD7-A5EF-0DDEAA613984.gif

    It’s just amazing and heart warming to see the love and respect they’re receiving. I’ve watched the crowd response to them at Glastonbury, and omg it’s intense. I’m so emotional !

    Just wait till the tour, and eventually new music, blows everyone away.
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  12. You need to sign up on Ticketmaster. Presale is on Thursday and full details are supposedly being sent out tomorrow (not me misreading initially and thinking the actual presale was tomorrow, then being sad we have to wait three more days).
  13. I would love for them to give us a group cover of 'Real Girl' on tour.
  14. These photos are fantastic.

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  15. I think it's easy to forget for some really hard core fans just how commercially big the group were and how major staples so many of there hits have been over the years, particularly on certain commercial radio stations. Of course their come back is going to be massive - everyone knows and loves these tracks, and they are a brilliant non-guilty guilty pleasure for huge sections of the British public. They absolutely transcended the generations, appealed to total cross sections of society in a way few other girl groups ever truly did. You know your 13 year old niece, 80 year old granny and you cool twenty/thirty something who was a huge fan first time round will be up on that dance floor all loving the big hits when they come in at a party with equal glee. The Sugababes were not some niche band in a corner of PJ everyone forgot about. They were massive, everywhere and people just *love* their hit singles which are on heavy rotation on the airwaves every day still.

    Even as a very 2.0 loyal stan I am absolutely thrilled to see Siobhan getting the recognition and opportunity to have this moment. She's an absolute star and looks in her element. I am so excited for this and I think they've been really clever in celebrating the success of the group over its life (well maybe not 4.0) and not disrespecting the other girls whilst being clear that this is THE Sugababes.

    The rejigging parts is just genius. I would love to hear Siobhan on something like Conversation's Over or Call A Truce (although I can't quite imagine Mutya on it?).

    But, if I don't get tickets because Shirley in accounts is buying 6 for her and her pals after seeing the Glasto videos on tiktok I will be fuming.
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  16. I would not be surprised if all this incredible press coverage and love felt from Glastonbury causes this tour to upscale for some of the dates. I can genuinely see them comfortably adding on a few arenas as “extra dates”.
  17. I'm definitely getting tickets for their Glasgow show. I cannot wait!
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