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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I think Song 4 Mutya would really work as a group song.
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  2. I would absolutely love Song 4 Mutya to be on the set list. Had never thought of it being done by all 3 (as opposed to all of them doing 1 track alone, like the Spice Girls did that time on their tour) but you're right it would be a great group rework.
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  3. The video I saw genuinely surprised me with the real mix of millennials and zoomers getting their life together. All of the hits go off, which is great because the set list is basically all hits.

    A new album by the end of the year would be ideal, but I’m not fooling myself, this is just pure fun and both the girls and us need it.
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  4. Yes there's nothing wrong with doing an 'all the hits' tour, and then coming back maybe early next year to tour to promote a new album.

    Outside of this thread, a gig which involves half a dozen new tracks is not what people will be buying tickets for. And the girls know it, they aren't daft, they've been doing this, and waiting for this, a long time.

    That's fine with me (although throwing in Flatline and Today would make sense I think, as they did at Glasto - maybe they will stick it up on streaming and make it sort of a single?), especially if this tour is to help raise the funding that makes a proper release of new stuff more viable/likely/quicker.
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  5. Think now would be a great time to release a single
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  6. Ugh, I wish I had friends who loved the kind of music I do. I would LOVE to see them on tour!
  7. Come with one of us!
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  8. Song 4 Sugababes
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  9. The way the girls doing Real Girl with Mutya would finally let us hear the chorus sung live. Mutya could do the lower harmony while the other two do the lead vocal and higher harmony. It’ll probably never happen but I think it would really beef up the song live.
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  10. I’m honestly losing it at every picture of them together? A group.

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  11. It will be very interesting to see what makes the set list. Will it be 90% hits (nearly all of which Siobhan wasn't originally part of) or will they delve into One Touch/MKS? Personally I think there's room in a 20 song set list for 2 or 3 MKS tracks (plus Flowers) and at least one other One Touch track besides Overload and Run For Cover.
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  12. I think this will be their Greatest Hits tour that they didn't get to do before the pandemic.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the setlist from Mighty Hoopla and Glastonbury.
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  13. This is so true, Freak Like Me is played like it's still 2002.
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  14. Love watching the short videos from Glastonbury with the crowd screaming the choruses of Round Round, Push The Button and Overload.
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  15. Of course, Queen Mutya coming in to demand decorum.

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  16. I truly cannot bear seeing any of the negative comments against Siobhan. She is a founding member of the band and has as much right to be there as anyone else. I actually cannot fathom being a fan of the bloody Sugababes and having an issue with members singing on tracks they weren’t originally on. Like that is quite literally what being a Sugababes member is. Are they familiar with the band they are supposedly defending.

    Would love the tour to be the current setlist plus:

    - A couple of One Touch album tracks, don’t mind which because they’re all great
    - Soul Sound
    - Ugly
    - Shape
    - No Regrets
    - Summer of 99
    - Real Girl
    - Song 4 Mutya
    - fuck it, let’s chuck Don’t Give It Up in there too

    Also, it goes without saying in this forum of all places because we all know it and we don’t need reminding, but it’s worth saying again: this is only going as well as it’s going they’re so fucking good live. Like imagine if the response after Mighty Hoopla or Glasto was ‘they were miming!!!’ or ‘shit vocals!!!’ But no, with every live performance they have they’ve built even more hype for the next. I’ve not seen a single negative comment about their actual performance abilities. They’re building a really solid reputation as live artists. The vocals are fucking brilliant and are more powerful than ever, the choreography is absolutely good for what they’re capable of, the live band is outstanding and makes all of their hits flow seamlessly from one to the other, the lights and set are cool and much better / more expensive than I expected. It’s a fucking brilliant little concert they’ve put together this summer and I’m so glad they’re taking it all over the UK.
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  17. The thought of "Whatever Makes You Happy", "Song 4 Mutya", and "Don't Give It Up" sharing a setlist is too powerful.
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  18. C101715B-AA70-4E53-A897-39950DAD27AF.jpeg

    This would be my perfect setlist.
  19. Incredibly strong, except for the omission of I’m Alright.
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  20. Boils my blood seeing the trolls saying anything about Siobhan she’s such a sweetheart they need to respect the OG. It’s not like she’s trying to be Heidi in any way. Such numptys. Can everyone please spam Keisha’s tiktok video with love hopefully drown out any negative comments
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