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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  2. Surely they only allotted a few for Presale and the rest are General. Now I know to just get the standing room option.

    Is there a time for when they go on sale July 1st?
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  5. Got my ticket for Newcastle.
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  6. Anyone needing tickets for London - I have a link to another presale that hasn't sold out
    DM me
  7. Crying tears of joy! Managed to get 2 M&G tickets for Newcastle. Shame it's a balcony but got stalls standing for London so I'm quite alright with this. All these emotions...
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  8. London records? D7A9F939-91FE-4402-BA6E-300D6F37C94C.jpeg
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  9. So happy for anyone who managed to buty a ticket! I'll try and go to the tour as well but have to wait till after the holiday season ends - can't plan that far ahead due to work.

    Also wanted to share something I had a good chuckle over today:
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  10. I got a meet and greet for Glasgow!

    Seeing Aly & AJ on the 6th followed by meeting and seeing Sugababes on the 7th? BLESSED!
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  11. Anyone ready for O2 Priority tickets for the Sugarbabes?

  12. Got 4 tickets for Glasgow earlier, thanks for posting the link here! As I didn’t get an email.
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  13. This is a dream come true. I literally started crying.
  14. I’m in!
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  15. Me and four friends have tickets to Birmingham. I’m READY.
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  16. Sugababes stationery and gift wrap coming your way.
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  17. RRS


    Southampton here we come!!!! Was gonna go to Bristol up and back in the night but thought what the hell and make a weekend of it. Did i ever think i would get to see these three live? Absolutely not. I just dont have the words to describe my excitement!!
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  18. Shoutout to @studeane12 got my ticket for London yas!
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  19. So elated we get to see them live again. November can’t come quick enough.
  20. I caved, put Angel uo for sale, and got two standing tickets for the Babes this morning

    And they better add Soul Sound to the setlist, please and thankyou
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