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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I knew they’d be working on new music!

    Totally understand why they’re being cautious with the messaging around it - like they said they don’t want to disappoint their fans or have to answer difficult questions.

    They’ve really thought about it
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  2. ADM


    God bless whoever says use PayPal. I’m headed to Manchester for the first time! I’ve never been to two shows on the same tour before, but I couldn’t not!
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  3. BBC have now uploaded the Push the Button Glastonbury performance/interview to their official channel:

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  4. Does the title of this video just make you sigh happily?
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  5. I got two M&G tickets for Glasgow! Me and my boyfriend are going on a birthday trip. So excited!
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  6. I’m doing M&G for opening night Bristol (again, mentioning that it’s my birthday that day)
    Standard for Norwich (my second home)
    And finally M&G for London (my actual home as well as the girls themselves)
  7. Yeah my Artist Presale tickets even got bought, so I am very happy as well!
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  8. I just got tickets for Edinburgh! I'll be right up the top in the upper circle but I'm going with my best friend so I don't care! Also, on Ticketmaster it was saying all the seats for that venue were sold out - but there are still some on the direct Usher Hall website for anyone looking!
  9. So glad to hear the tour is selling well!

    My boyfriend was saying exactly the same earlier.
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  10. !!!!!!!!
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  11. I remember that @ladylloyd mentioned years ago that Cameron was intended to master the planed MKS album but that it never reached that point. Maybe he's doing that now and what we'll get is a album full of the MKS tracks? Since he says "I'm making their new record as well, I'm just started working on it" I think that could be!? Otherwise he probably would have said "I'm working with them..."! I don't think the girls are lying when they say they are too busy to hit the studio now.
    Whatever the case that's super exciting news! Love basically everything he's ever done with them.
  12. Hurrah!

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  13. Looks like all the girlies managed to get tickets. I’ll be at Glasgow (M&G) and Edinburgh- cannot wait.

    I’m interested to hear what everyone has been listening to since the reunion gigs?

    Not going to lie, I’ve had Push the Button and About You Now on rotation along with Flatline.
  14. Hoping that they have some Irish dates pre-booked that were dependant on the success of the English dates. As surely they’ll go ahead now? Even though I’m flying to England twice to see them, I want to see them at home in Ireland too.
  15. This Ticketmaster glitch is starting to worry me a little. Could it negatively impact on sales for the tour?

    One Touch, of course. The entire album. The remix EP. Freak Like Me. All Around The World. Flowers. Push The Button. Red Dress. Flatline. They've been consistently rotated.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Getting the name back has been a clear advantage, as well as the COVID nostalgia wave. It's so terrific to see.
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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

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  19. I hope Get Sexy is the song they play over the PA as the crowd leave the venue.
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