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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. You should be banned from this thread.
  2. London, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool are sold out according to their Instagram
  3. What are the odds of that actually happening soon? A later London date would be IDEAL for me.
  4. I was so on the fence about grabbing tickets because I'm not sure it would hit the pure euphoria that was their Glastonbury set.

    But if they add In The Middle to the setlist, I'll be Viagogoing for sure.
  5. Murder on the Dancefloor (complete with accents) has finished me off.
  6. Whew, both of those hosts are awful, one clumsy one cold.

    The girls seem to be loving all of this though. So glad the tour is selling so well. Roll on November!
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  7. This is a brilliant video. Their personalities and chemistry together shines through.
  8. omg Ugly!
  9. I am wondering if they’ll wait to do another tour next year to coincide with a new album? Therefore not adding any more to this tour?
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  10. My thinking is they have hundreds of tickets to sell still at the other 12 or so dates, so wouldn't adding further London and Manchester shows hinder the chances of further sell outs?
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  11. Is there a version of Push The Button without Keisha talking on the middle 8? It came on in a club last night and either it was missing or I was shouting Keisha’s lines so loud I couldn’t hear it.
  12. Ladies!! Apparently my pre-sale tickets for London didn’t get through. So just bought three tickets to Brighton. Ordered a meet & greet just for myself with only 200 euros on the bank (I’ve been traveling for the last 6 months so money is gone). Already pissing myself about what I’m gonna say.
  13. Just bought a London M&G ticket begging for a friend's Amex, since they are still available on Ticketmaster. Unsure as to whether I'll be able to go at all but oh well!
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  14. I'll be going to the Brighton show! I've never watched anything at the Brighton Centre before, but obviously very much looking forward to it. My queue went from 100 and something, down to 60 and then my turn very, very quickly. I was really surprised.

    Pretty much all the Breakfast hosts are awful. They seem incapable of interviewing actors/singers properly, it's really weird. And I know I had my fan head on, but it was annoying how they asked them about their great moments of people they've met, then made a joke about them "name-dropping". Useless!

    Important question: What will you sing for the Mutya ad-lib at the end?
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  15. In defense of the breakfast show hosts, they're hardly journalists. They can get up really early while the rest of us are asleep or in the shower.
  16. It would be iconic if they released a self-titled album I think
  17. I actually think "Today" would make a good album title, the group really seem to be living in the present moment and loving life.
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  18. kal


    Every time "Today" gets mentioned I'm like...
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  19. [​IMG]
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